When Your Foot Doesn’t Fit the Glass Slipper with Gabby Reece

Aug 15, 2019

When Your Foot Doesn’t Fit the Glass Slipper with Gabby Reece


When Your Foot Doesn’t Fit the Glass Slipper with Gabby Reece

When Your Foot Doesn't Fit the Glass Slipper with Gabby Reece

Meet Gabby…

Gabby Reece is a world-renowned athlete, former pro-Volleyball player,  TV personality, New York Times bestselling author, model, wife and mother to three girls.  She was Nike’s first female spokeswoman and her commanding presence, passion for healthy living and fitness expertise makes her a popular leader in the world of health and wellness.

In this episode, Gabby and I sit down to chat as she comes to the end of a decade.  She reflects on her evolving relationship with her body, the highs and lows of her 24-year marriage to pro-surfer Laird Hamilton,  the facade of the modelling industry and her keys to success.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

0:26 – Saje Moment with Gabby Reece

2:30 – How to let go of uncertainty and lean into change

6:32 – The evolution of Gabby’s relationship with her body from sports to modelling & motherhood

10:25 – The modelling industry: it’s not what you think

12:25 – Using perspective, understanding and tools for self-acceptance

14:38 – Gabby’s thoughts on Facetune, fillers and filters as a woman and mother

20:20 – Understanding aging from a natural perspective

22:32 – How to teach young women to be in charge of themselves

27:30 – Is complaining a luxury? The changing definition of ‘survival’

32:38 – How to practice self-discipline in all aspects of life

36:30 – Understanding your values and the importance of time

38:30 – Behind the scenes: Gabby and Laird’s relationship (pits, peaks, tools & tactics)

46:45 – Put this on next: Gabby’s Podcast!


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