The Mom Shame Game with Renee Grenon

Jun 17, 2021

The Mom Shame Game with Renee Grenon


The Mom Shame Game with Renee Grenon

The Mom Shame Game with Renee Grenon

Meet Renee…

Mom to 3 year old Milo with a PHD in psychology and a talent for TikTok, Renee has a podcast, blog and social platform based on her raw and real experience with motherhood, relationships, mental health and everything in between. In today’s episode we talk through postpartum anxiety, body insecurity, mom guilt and more. Renee is such a breath of fresh air in the motherhood space – press play!

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

0:00 – A Raw intro

3:40 – How Renee founded The Mom Room

8:00 – Reminder: what’s best practice on paper may not be best practice for you when it comes to motherhood 

10:00 – What postpartum anxiety looked like for Renee

14:40 – What postpartum anxiety looked like for Erin

16:15 – Why Renee chose to go on anti-anxiety medication (and stay on it during pregnancy)

19:10 – Renee and Erin get real about their motherhood insecurities

  • the perfect childhood bedroom
  • the pinterest-inspired clean home
  • fancy meals + snacks

26:30 –  What to do when you give your kids fruit snacks at 8am (hint: don’t think twice about it and move on)

31:00 – Renee shares her biggest postpartum body image issue

32:30 – How to handle the “Am I doing X enough with my kids?” thoughts

35:40 – Renee’s favourite thing about being a Mom

37:30 – Renee’s message to the Mama’s of the world


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