Stripping it All Away to Find Self Love with Jennifer Wilson

Dec 05, 2019

Stripping it All Away to Find Self Love with Jennifer Wilson


Stripping it All Away to Find Self Love with Jennifer Wilson

Stripping it all away to find self love with Jennifer Wilson

Meet Jennifer…

Today on the show Jennifer Wilson is joining us for a conversation about motherhood, career and self love.  

Jen and I have been friends for over 5 years now.  When I first had James I discovered her amazing collection of organic kids clothing.  Her company, VonBon was growing really quickly and had become a household name around North America.  Jen lived down the street and kindly offered to take me to Mama Mondays at The Juice Truck store. On the way we talked about married life, mom life, work and everything in between.

Since that day, a lot has changed for both of us but today we dive into how one Jen gave it all up on the journey to find herself.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

3:47 – How Vonbon was born (+grew into a super successful business)

12:34 – Mixing business and baby and husband and career and exercise and friends and…

14:55 – The importance of sitting in your accomplishments before moving on to the next goal

16:52 – Stop and think: what is something you want to cultivate in your life in 2020?

20:10 – How to recognize when life is giving you tools to help you grow

22:21 – Trust you gut: Jennifer proves why this is an everlasting testament

24:10 – Why Jennifer chose NOT to sell Vonbon (+ close it down instead)

28:08 – Jen’s first year after Vonbon: less makeup, shopping and a whole lot more CALM

34:44 – Why it’s so important to lean into difficult + uncomfortable feelings

38:10 – Jen’s goals going into 2020: less alcohol, more emotional expression

40:30 – How a fashionista successfully flipped the switch on the retail narrative of ‘need’

45:34 – Jen’s biggest lessons learned in 2019


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