Mala Collective I Am Intuitive Mala – Rudraksha


This beautiful mala was created by Mala Collective to bring you back to self.

I honor my higher self by following my intuition. I listen and lead with love, trust and faith.

With the purchase of this mala, you will receive a guided audio-meditation with the affirmation I Am Intuitive. Mala Collective created this meditation to inspire you to begin, re-start or deepen your practice. Your audio will be sent to your inbox.


White Moonstone: Moonstone is a reminder to trust our intuition. Wearing the white stone can inspire balance and harmony in life and relationships.

Rudraksha: Rudraksha seeds grow inside of what look like blueberries on trees South East Asia. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the beads are believed to provide inner calm, peace, and free one from negative thought. The beads get darker over time as they absorb your oils and energy. This is thought to strengthen the rudraksha.

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The results are the sole responsibility of the wearer*
Why We Love These

Let these beautiful necklaces serve as an anchor to remind you what you want to cultivate most in your life.

I love gifting these to loved ones during times of transition to remind them of their strength and beauty.  Choose a mala that will pass on a message lasting long after you are gone.


Size & Fit

108 beads at 6 mm each.
Hangs 48 cm. Length is approximate as each piece of jewelry is unique.

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