Finding Your Purpose with Andreina Marrero

Apr 02, 2019

Finding Your Purpose with Andreina Marrero


Finding Your Purpose with Andreina Marrero

Meet Andreina Marrero

Andreina Marrero was in an abusive relationship and working at a job she didn’t love for over 8 years before she finally found the strength to leave and start life again on her own terms.  Today she is a motivational speaker and personal trainer at one of the top gyms in NYC, DOGPOUND.

The path to get there was unexpected and without a clear endpoint in mind but she followed her passions, kept smart about what she invested her time into, worked hard and found herself on top of the world.  This episode will challenge your perceptions about how we find happiness, self love and personal growth and will help you tap into your own. 





Click HERE to get a summary of Andreina’s key wellness tools.

SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

02:00 – The rut

04:45 – Hitting rock bottom

10:35 – Advice for individuals who are struggling with suicidal thoughts

12:12 – The lower self and the higher self. Her first steps of recovery

14:45 – The path to finding her purpose

16:00 – How she ended up stripping

23:26 – The reality of bikini competitions

25:51 – The main tool that supports her on days when she feels low

30:58 – Kundalini yoga and other tools that help her stay connected to her higher self

32:30 – Questions from the audience

  1. As a personal trainer I’ve struggled with body image and a pressure to look a certain way.  Have you ever felt this and how do you cope with this?
  2. How do you stay motivated?


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