Atticus on What Guys Really Think About Your Body

Mar 21, 2019

Atticus on What Guys Really Think About Your Body


Atticus on What Guys Really Think About Your Body

Meet Atticus

In this episode we sit down for our first official interview with a guy.¬† That’s right…we’re extending this conversation to the other half of the population because ultimately, they play a pretty big role in this world we live in.¬† Atticus is a poet whose words have caught the attention and hearts of millions of readers. His first two books, Love Her Wild and The Dark Between Stars¬†were both best sellers and he was named the world‚Äôs most tattoo-able‚ÄĚ poet by Galore magazine.¬† In addition to making¬†millennials fall head over heels in love with poetry, one of the most fascinating things about him has been his decision to remain anonymous, wearing a mask to all public appearances. In a world that celebrates fame¬†he¬†defies the norm in more ways than one.

Pour yourself a glass of wine (may we suggest his new label, Lost Poet?) and join us for a conversation on love, fame, insecurity and his thoughts on stomach rolls.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

02:00 – Becoming Atticus

03:40 – Why he decided to remain anonymous

07:13 – Why fame is a double-edged sword

07:50 – The false connection of social media

08:30 – The Lost Poets tour

09:12 – Finding confidence in a world of social media

11:20 – What men really think about body image

13:30 – What are men attracted to?

15:00 – Do guys notice our tummy rolls & cellulite as much as we do?

16:00 – What kind of insecurities do men have?

17:30 – Struggles with anxiety and depression

18:20 – His tools for getting through difficult times

22:26 – Being “the man” vs. being “a man”

23:56 – Dating in a digital age

25:00 – His relationship status

27:55 – On how he found a healthy love

29:00 – His message to women struggling with self love

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