Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges with Angi Fletcher

Mar 13, 2019

Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges with Angi Fletcher


Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges with Angi Fletcher

Meet Angi Fletcher…

If you asked me to name one woman I insta stalk (in a loving, inspired way!) I’d have to say Angi Fletcher.  She is someone who I have looked up to for years as a fellow sensitive-soul because Angi has an incredible ability to show up authentically in her life while allowing all of us to join and learn from her journey.

A model, triathlete, personal trainer and mom of three, Angi has it all but as she openly shares on her social accounts, having it all doesn’t mean life is perfect.  She has lived through the loss of her parents early in life, quitting smoking, divorce, anxiety, depression and the birth of three babies. I believe her greatest gift is her ability to give us permission to feel our human experience fully no matter how painful it may be while also realizing our own strength to continue on. She does it all with a grace and rawness that has attracted a tremendous following of women who look to her for health and wellness inspiration.  Something tells me after you listen to this brilliant episode you’ll be one of them too.

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Click HERE to get a summary of Angi’s key wellness tools.

SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

02:00 – How anxiety shows up for Angi

3:50 – Losing her father

06:00 – A victim mentality vs. an empowered mentality

09:27 – Tools for those going through a season of loss and grief

18:40 – Why trying to escape your pain will only make it worse

20:40 – How Angi quit smoking

26:35 – Angi’s #1 tool for wellness

29:45 – Why she never waits for motivation

30:40 – The power of walking

35:05 – On feeling lonely

39:07 – The best tool she learned in therapy during her divorce

44:45 – A really inspiring monologue


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