Noor Tagouri on Navigating Misinformation in Media

Apr 18, 2019

Noor Tagouri on Navigating Misinformation in Media


Noor Tagouri on Navigating Misinformation in Media

Meet Noor…

Today’s guest is a shining example of how the things that make you different can be the exact things that set you apart and let you fly. Noor Tagouri is a Libyian-American journalist who uses storytelling to deconstruct stereotypes while activating listeners to take action in their own lives and the communities around them. 

She is the host of the podcast Sold in America which dives into the very complicated US sex trade (warning this will change the way you think about all things SEX).  She is also the host of a beautiful podcast produced by Girl Boss called In Progress that provides a crash course in living a purposeful life.  Noor was the first woman to grace the pages of Playboy magazine, fully clothed and wearing her hijab and has been featured in countless other publications, including Vogue magazine in which she was mis-identified as a Pakistani actress. 

In this episode we talk about misinformation in media and the power of tapping into the things that make you different to stand out from the crowd.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

9:00 – Her path to becoming a journalist

10:50 РHow to find your purpose

13:46 – How Noor found her place in media while staying true to herself

19:09 – The documentary that inspired Shaquille o’Neal to buy her all new camera gear

21:49 – How she uses social media without being consumed by it

25:30 – Finding your authentic self

27:40 – Are social media detoxes really helpful?

29:20 – Why her feature in Vogue went viral for all the wrong reasons

31:24 – How to navigate misinformation in media

33:40 – Audience Q&A
1. How do you stay healthy while travelling so much?
2. How do you work on such difficult causes without taking it all on? 


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