Rocking A Nude Photoshoot for ESPN with Lauren Chamberlain

Apr 11, 2019

Rocking A Nude Photoshoot for ESPN with Lauren Chamberlain


Rocking A Nude Photoshoot for ESPN with Lauren Chamberlain


Lauren Chamberlain grew up in Orange County, CA, and began playing softball at 8 years old. She competed as a D1 athlete, playing for Team USA, and now plays as a professional with titles including the Home Run Champion, Big 12 Female Athlete of the Year and Cowles Cup Champion.  In 2015 Lauren broke NCAA Home Run Record with 95 HRs.

I first learned about Lauren through the 10th edition of the ESPN Body Issue. ¬†She posed nude and was radiating strength, power, beauty and confidence.¬†Lauren‚Äôs ultimate goal is to help girls and women understand that they are capable and deserving of anything they put their mind to.¬† We think she’s doing an amazing job of doing just that.¬†





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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

2:30 – Getting the call from ESPN to being featured in the ESPN Body Issue

2:53 – How you prepare for a nude photoshoot

4:17 – How to be a woman

5:05 – Lauren’s relationship with her body as a professional athlete

6:13 – Learning to love her body

9:21 – What it takes to survive in a world that tells you to be something else

10:00 – How do you recover from it when someone puts down your appearance

11:30 – What healthy means to Lauren

14:30 – How she keeps her mental game strong

16:20 – Her training schedule

17:30 – Becoming comfortable with the reflection in the mirror

18:50 – Athlete’s representation in media

22:00 – All the details about her ESPN photo shoot

25:54 – Audience Q&A’s
1. How do I know what my body needs in regards to food/exercise/rest etc.?
2. What are your favourite self love practices?


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