Rocking A Nude Photoshoot for ESPN with Lauren Chamberlain

Apr 11, 2019

Rocking A Nude Photoshoot for ESPN with Lauren Chamberlain


Rocking A Nude Photoshoot for ESPN with Lauren Chamberlain

Meet Lauren….

Lauren Chamberlain grew up in Orange County, CA, and began playing softball at 8 years old. She competed as a D1 athlete, playing for Team USA, and now plays as a professional with titles including the Home Run Champion, Big 12 Female Athlete of the Year and Cowles Cup Champion.  In 2015 Lauren broke NCAA Home Run Record with 95 HRs.

I first learned about Lauren through the 10th edition of the ESPN Body Issue.  She posed nude and was radiating strength, power, beauty and confidence. Lauren’s ultimate goal is to help girls and women understand that they are capable and deserving of anything they put their mind to.  We think she’s doing an amazing job of doing just that. 





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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

2:30 – Getting the call from ESPN to being featured in the ESPN Body Issue

2:53 – How you prepare for a nude photoshoot

4:17 – How to be a woman

5:05 – Lauren’s relationship with her body as a professional athlete

6:13 – Learning to love her body

9:21 – What it takes to survive in a world that tells you to be something else

10:00 – How do you recover from it when someone puts down your appearance

11:30 – What healthy means to Lauren

14:30 – How she keeps her mental game strong

16:20 – Her training schedule

17:30 – Becoming comfortable with the reflection in the mirror

18:50 – Athlete’s representation in media

22:00 – All the details about her ESPN photo shoot

25:54 – Audience Q&A’s
1. How do I know what my body needs in regards to food/exercise/rest etc.?
2. What are your favourite self love practices?


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