Intuitive Eating & Food Freedom with RD Lauren Cadillac

Apr 23, 2021

Intuitive Eating & Food Freedom with RD Lauren Cadillac


Intuitive Eating & Food Freedom with RD Lauren Cadillac

Meet Lauren…

A Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Registered Dietitian, Lauren (aka the Feel Good Dietitian) specializes in helping her clients heal their relationship with food and break free of the dieting cycle without guilt or shame. She understands our universal need to be listened to, accepted, supported – all while having more energy, fun, sleep, and sense of well-being. Sounds amazing right? Tune in to hear Lauren break down what intuitive eating really is and some tangible steps to start your own journey towards food freedom. 

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Christy Harrison –

Fearing the Black Body by Sabrina Strings – here. 

Journalling prompts for this episode:

1. What does your history with food look like?
2. Has your relationship with food gotten better or worse over time?
3. How much money, time, energy have you spent on food?
4. What other side effects are you experiencing by holding onto these behaviours?
5. What could you gain by creating a healthier relationship with food and your body?

SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

0:26 – Raw Beauty “Check Up from the Neck Up“.  Where is your mindset at today?

4:50 – Justin, Hayley and LAUREN FRICKEN CADILLAC

6:35 – Lauren’s food and body story. Body building, disordered eating and dietetics.

9:00 – The non-linear path of healing a broken relationship with food

11:25 – When diet culture seeps into health care

14:26 – What is DIET CULTURE?

16:00 – How to overcome the fear of letting go of diet culture.  When you’re ready to leave behind harmful food behaviours but also scared of what will happen when you do.

22:30 – What does diet culture look like day-to-day?  Hint : So much more than just typical diets

23:22 – Does intuitive eating mean that I just eat cake and cereal?

25:13 – What is Intuitive Eating?

27:39 – Is intuitive eating appropriate for individuals with an eating disorder

31:00 – When you’re learning to eat intuitively is it normal to feel like you’re losing control around food for awhile?

33:30 – Is it normal to sometimes to miss your disordered eating or to wish you could just go back on a diet?

34:30 – Can you eat intuitively AND lose weight?

40:11 – Can you eat intuitively even if you struggle with gut issues?

44:29 – Is it normal to have food fears and lingering food-based thoughts pop up even after learning to eat intuitively?

47:45 – Finding self compassion for wherever you’re at

48:48 – Lauren spills the tea on something super exciting that she’s working on!

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