Dec 06, 2021



With the holiday season in full swing, there tends to be more demands on our time and energy. When we’re stressed out and tired, it’s easier to reach for food for comfort. 

Here are 7 tips to avoid holiday overeating so that you can enjoy the festivities guilt-free!

  1. Don’t skip meals/snacks before the evening event.  

Aim to eat every 2-3 hours, incorporating some protein throughout the day and a variety of foods to help stabilize your blood sugar levels.  If your blood sugar levels have plummeted you’ll find yourself frantically reaching for sugary treats.

  1. Give yourself permission to eat.

Food is our fuel. Slow down to taste and savor the food that you are eating, instead of judging your eating choices.

  1. Ask “AM I HUNGRY?”. 

If physical hunger signals aren’t there, consider what you might be hungry for emotionally?  Maybe you’re tired or overwhelmed, stressed or feeling out of place.  Is there something you could do to support yourself in this area?

  1. Let go of the “good” and “bad” food labels.  

Different foods serve different purposes.  Some deliver lots of nutrients, some deliver joy. Others deliver connection, or mental clarity.  All of these things are positive for our overall well being. 

  1. Don’t restrict yourself.
    Remember that the more you restrict, the more likely you are to binge – so avoid setting rules and promising yourself that next time it will be different.
  1. Be mindful of your alcohol consumption.  

Alcohol tends to be a big trigger when it comes to binging or overeating. While it may minimize stress in the moment you might also find it minimizes your ability to make conscious, aligned decisions.  Check out this article with some of my fave non-alcoholic drinks and try swapping in a couple between that beautiful glass of red wine. 

  1. Drop any guilt you feel after eating at the door! 

You are not a bad person for eating even if you do end up binging.  Get curious about what may have triggered you to that place.  Write down a couple notes and never hesitate to reach out to me for help if you need to. 

If you’d like a little more information on this I highly recommend tuning into these two podcast episodes: 

Bringing Love and Joy Back to Food with Tori Wesszer

Intuitive Eating & Food Freedom with RD Lauren Cadillac

Erin. xo

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