Go From Stuck to Shining with Julie Solomon

Feb 13, 2020

Go From Stuck to Shining with Julie Solomon


Go From Stuck to Shining with Julie Solomon

Go From Stuck to Shining with Julie Solomon

Meet Julie…

Julie is a 10+ year publicist turned podcaster, blogger and influencer marketing educator. Passionate about teaching women how to uplevel their brand, purposefully connect, and market themselves online, she has navigated years in PR and starting a family all while helping women do more of what they love. Listen on to hear Julie’s tips on how to transform your online influence and business and dive deep behind the highlight reel to learn more about her journey from small-town Tennessee to Forbes featured entrepreneur.





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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

2:29 – Behind the highlight reel: what you don’t see from Julie on Instagram

4:03 – Believing in your greater good + finding what’s ‘missing’

7:28 – How Julie pushed fear aside and pursued career fulfillment

11:54 – Julie’s tips for taking action and getting to where you want to go (habits, bravery & keeping it smart)

18:06 – The importance of taking accountability for your choices when getting un-stuck

20:46 – Self-sabotaging to keep yourself (momentarily) safe

21:52 – The tough questions every woman must ask themselves when making a big change

23:28 – From corporate America to a blog and podcast (+ Los Angeles!)

29:39 – Julie starts her influencer academy for entrepreneurs + launches coaching services

30:48 – Reminder: you don’t have to have it all figured out

31:56 – The ultimate winning duo: Commitment + Consistency

37:29 – Julie’s experience balancing work & motherhood

41:50 – Breaking free from Mommy Shame + Guilt: how being a Mom bettered Julie’s business

43:57 – The inside scoop on second pregnancy

46:28 – Julie reflects on her postpartum experience (in preparation for baby #2)

51:21 – A peek at Julie’s coaching membership ‘Shine: Spotlight your Genius’

54:15 – Julie’s message for the women of the world

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