Get Your Fkn Beauty Sleep with Dr. Kerklaan

Apr 01, 2021

Get Your Fkn Beauty Sleep with Dr. Kerklaan


Get Your Fkn Beauty Sleep with Dr. Kerklaan

Get Your Fkn Beauty Sleep with Dr. Kerklaan

Meet Dr Kerklaan…

An industry veteran with over 20 years experience across 3+ countries, Dr Kerklaan is a sleep, health and wellness expert who sat down to chat all things sleep with us! We go behind the highlight reel of our tech-crazy, fast-paced world to dig deep into why getting a good sleep is so important, how quality sleep impacts our overall wellness, and Dr Kerklaan’s top tips for falling asleep (no counting sheep here!).

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

1:50 – How Dr. Kerklaan became a sleep expert to royalty and rockstars

3:15 – The basics of good quality sleep in a fast-paced world

5:00 – How quality sleeps impacts our overall wellness

6:15 – Dr. Kerklaan’s top 5 tips for falling asleep

10:30 – The 10,000 steps per day debate

15:30 – Let’s talk tech: are our screens really impacting our snooze?

19:00 – What is really at risk when you’re not sleeping well

23:00 – Should you turn a night owl into an early bird?

26:00 – Dr Kerklaan breaks down his sleep routine

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