F#ck! I Screwed Up Another Diet (And What to Do About It) with Ali Eberhardt

Feb 20, 2020

F#ck! I Screwed Up Another Diet (And What to Do About It) with Ali Eberhardt


F#ck! I Screwed Up Another Diet (And What to Do About It) with Ali Eberhardt

F#ck! I Screwed Up Another Diet (And What to Do About It) with Ali Eberhardt

Meet Ali…

Ali Eberhardt is a Registered Dietician who has helped countless women ditch diet culture, all while working hard to take weight stigma and fat phobia out of our dialogue.

She has been working in the Provincial Adult Tertiary Specialized Eating Disorders Program since 2011 as well as with the Looking Glass organization since 2011. Ali believes in collaborating with clients to help achieve their goals through a caring & compassionate approach.

Ali is the co-host of the Let Us Eat Cake podcast.

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Follow Ali on Instagram – @alithedietician

Find Ali online – eatcakepod.home.blog

Let Us Eat Cake Podcast – @eatcakepod 

Contact Ali – ali.eberhardtRD@gmail.com

SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

2:20 – Ali’s background and mission to help women with disordered eating

6:15 – Why we diet when we know it (probably) won’t work

8:30 – Ali’s definition of a healthy relationship with food

12:30 – Where to begin your journey towards a healthy relationship with food

15:00 – Read your gas gauge: reconnecting with your physical body

20:50 – Trusting your body and recognizing when you need to eat

25:53 – How to get started when there’s no weight loss guarantee

30:00 – The 3 technical steps to start implementing NOW instead of a diet

36:28 – Ali’s golden rules for what to eat to refuel

42:03 – Ali’s message to the women of the world

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