3 Tools to Help Stop Binge Eating with Samantha Skelly

Apr 30, 2020

3 Tools to Help Stop Binge Eating with Samantha Skelly


3 Tools to Help Stop Binge Eating with Samantha Skelly

3 Tools to Help Stop Binge Eating with Samantha Skelly

Meet Samantha…

In this episode wellness coach and breathwork facilitor, Samantha Skelly shares her real, raw story of overcoming disordered eating and breaks down the three key tools she used to overcome what she refers to as the “diet depression.

Samantha Skelly is a 7-figure entrepreneur, international speaker, best-selling author, wellness coaching expert, and breathwork facilitator. For years she struggled with disordered eating and body image issues. Completely disconnected from her body she tried every method imaginable to “fix” herself. It wasn’t until she discovered breathwork that she truly began to experience real growth, transformation, and recovery.

Since undergoing her own healing journey, she founded my two companies: Pause Breathwork and Hungry for Happiness to help others overcome their own pain and struggles. It’s her mission to unite humanity by teaching people to breathe, feel, and thrive.

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Watch – I Am Enough

SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

2:19 – Samantha’s journey from childhood actor to eating disorder

8:20 – Putting bandaids on bulletwounds: the importance of digging deep

10:10 – The magic moment: valuing mental health over body image

13:40 – You’re not alone: what it looks like to hate your body

17:50 – The time Samantha lived  ‘Eat Pray Love’ IRL and discovered the foundation for her business

21:14 – Samantha shares 3 tools to support the struggle with food and your body

21:57 – The 3 facets of futurecasting

23:42 – Bridging the gap between accepting the body you’ve been given and attaining the body you desire

25:45 – Your body knows more than you do: listening to your body vs  your ego

28:00 – You have to feel in order to heal

31:43 – Samantha shares a breathwork tool to bring you back to your body

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