Finding Freedom From Anorexia with Erin Treloar

Jul 18, 2019

Finding Freedom From Anorexia with Erin Treloar


Finding Freedom From Anorexia with Erin Treloar 


Meet Erin

In this episode, Raw Beauty Talks host, Erin Treloar shares her experience overcoming anorexia, binge eating and disordered eating including details on her 3-month hospital stay and six tools that were pivotal in her recovery.  She also shares a clip from one of her favourite monologues EVER from a Rich Roll podcast episode.

Erin’s greatest passion is helping girls and women learn to live from a place of self love.  She launched Raw Beauty Talks in 2014 with an interview series featuring over 200 women without make-up, photo editing or filters that ignited a conversation surrounding beauty, confidence and self love. In 2014, she founded Raw Beauty Talks Society to support programs raising self esteem in youth.  Erin is a Founding Partner of Free To Be Talks, a media literacy program for youth in grade 6-8 and currently sits on the board as a Founding Advisory Board member.  She is also a board member of the YWCA Culture Shift Project.

In 2017, Erin completed her health coach training through the Health Coach Institute. She released two programs designed to help women become the healthiest, happiest & most confident version of themselves. Her work has been featured in publications including Elle magazine, the LA Times and Marie Claire amongst others.  She is a public speaker on the topics of beauty, confidence and self love and a frequent contributor to Huffington Post, being named as one of HuffPo Canada’s Top 50 Bloggers.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

3:17 – Saje Moment: Nothing is finite

6:50 – Rock bottom to the top of the world: an intro to Erin’s journey

8:13 – What lights Erin up

8:49 – Erin at 15: people pleaser + perfectionist

10:00 – The dangers of looking for personal acceptance in the form of beauty defined by media

10:50 – From disordered eating to an eating disorder

13:01 – Recognizing physical symptoms of an eating disorder

14:10 – Erin’s journey to understanding anorexia wasn’t her fault

14:50 – Facing her biggest fear: food

17:09 – The experience of 3-months in inpatient treatment

17:40 –Eat, repent, repeat: the binge eating cycle

20:00 – How a health coach helped Erin define her future

Inside Erin’s toolkit

26:00 – Tool #1: The body scan

27:54 – Tool #2: Therapy + coaching

28:45 – Tool #3: Medication (+ meditation)

30:51 – Tool #4: Intuitive eating

32:19 – Tool #5: Finding a community

33:00 – Tool #6: Find a purpose that is bigger than yourself

35:44 – Words of wisdom on acceptance from Zach Bush, MD


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