Uplevel Your Sex Life with Sofia Sundari

Jul 24, 2020

Uplevel Your Sex Life with Sofia Sundari


Uplevel Your Sex Life with Sofia Sundari

Meet Sofia…

Ready to tap into sexual confidence and learn tools for better sex? Sofia Sundari is an international transformational leader, bestselling author of the book Liberation into Orgasm and a facilitator of courses on spiritual development and sacred sexuality. She helps people all over the world return to their original erotic innocence, power and love.

After leaving her law career, Sofia spent 5 years in Asia, a year in meditation retreat in the desert of California, 6 months in South America and over a decade of training in healing and spiritual modalities, such as Tantra, Taoism, western esoteric science, quantum physics and shamanism. She’s held over 30 worldwide trainings, a countless number of short workshops, developed 5 online courses on the subject of sacred sexuality and garners a strong online following of over 100,000 people.

Sofia has been featured in Elephant Journal, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal and on a number of summits and podcasts.

Russian born, Sofia spends most of her time in Ibiza, Spain and frequently travels the world to lead trainings and retreats.





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Visit her website  – www.sofiasundari.com

Liberation Into Orgasm the book – Read it here

SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

1:20 – How Sofia went from a career in law to a teacher of tantra

4:20 – Where to go when you’ve hit rock bottom

5:20 – Women and our complicated relationship with sex

6:20 – Why we feel lost when it comes to our sexuality

7:55 – Why is conscious sexuality important?

9:13 – What is conscious sexuality and how do we awaken it?

11:20 – These symptoms are a sign you might have a tight vagina (and not tight in a good way!)

12:40 – How stress impacts our sexuality

13:52 – Tools to help you move out of your head and into your body

16:41 – Disconnection from the vagina and our femininity

19:43 – How to keep the flame alive when life gets busy

25:00 – Are you 4-5 years into a relationship?  Listen to this

26:00 – Using the science of polarity to create a magnetic attraction

29:45 – How often Sofia is having sex and what that looks like for her

31:00 – How sex can help us heal our emotional wounds

33:00 – If an orgasm isn’t the final goal, what exactly are we aiming for?

37:00 – 75% of women aren’t having orgasms. Here’s why that’s not a bad thing.

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