May 17, 2017


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“My experience with Erin’s coaching program over the past several months has been incredible and transformative. It is hard to describe just how much this whole experience has meant to me. I feel that I am a fairly insightful person, and I went into these sessions wondering what new Erin could teach me, I felt that I had read it all. I have had a life long struggle with my relationship with food and my body.  Since teenagehood I had cycled through yo-yo dieting, and over-eating, I carried a great sense of shame. I dreamed of feeling comfortable in my skin, and to feel appreciative, not resentful, of my body.

Erin’s wisdom, patience, and guidance has helped me to better understand myself, my relationship with food, and how to live aligned with my core values on a day to day basis. I felt that I could be open, honest, and vulnerable with her. I had so many “Aha moments”, and after each session I felt an immense sense of calm and motivation. Rather than just counselling me, Erin challenged me to implement new practices, and reflect upon what truly nourishes me, and what does not. I have learned so much, and I am ending these sessions with is a new set of tools and practices to guide me down a path of self-love and self-respect. Thank you Erin.”

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