Dec 06, 2021


With the holiday season in full swing, there tends to be more demands on our time and energy. When we’re stressed out and tired, it’s easier to reach for food for comfort. 

Here are 7 tips to avoid holiday overeating so that you can enjoy the festivities guilt-free!

  1. Don’t skip meals/snacks before the evening event.  

Aim to eat every 2-3 hours, incorporating some protein throughout the day and a variety of foods to help stabilize your blood sugar levels.  If your blood sugar levels have plummeted you’ll find yourself frantically reaching for sugary treats.

  1. Give yourself permission to eat.

Food is our fuel. Slow down to taste and savor the food that you are eating, instead of judging your eating choices.

  1. Ask “AM I HUNGRY?”. 

If physical hunger signals aren’t there, consider what you might be hungry for emotionally?  Maybe you’re tired or overwhelmed, stressed or feeling out of place.  Is there something you could do to support yourself in this area?

  1. Let go of the “good” and “bad” food labels.  

Different foods serve different purposes.  Some deliver lots of nutrients, some deliver joy. Others deliver connection, or mental clarity.  All of these things are positive for our overall well being. 

  1. Don’t restrict yourself.
    Remember that the more you restrict, the more likely you are to binge – so avoid setting rules and promising yourself that next time it will be different.
  1. Be mindful of your alcohol consumption.  

Alcohol tends to be a big trigger when it comes to binging or overeating. While it may minimize stress in the moment you might also find it minimizes your ability to make conscious, aligned decisions.  Check out this article with some of my fave non-alcoholic drinks and try swapping in a couple between that beautiful glass of red wine. 

  1. Drop any guilt you feel after eating at the door! 

You are not a bad person for eating even if you do end up binging.  Get curious about what may have triggered you to that place.  Write down a couple notes and never hesitate to reach out to me for help if you need to. 

If you’d like a little more information on this I highly recommend tuning into these two podcast episodes: 

Bringing Love and Joy Back to Food with Tori Wesszer

Intuitive Eating & Food Freedom with RD Lauren Cadillac

Erin. xo

Nov 30, 2021


You deserve to enjoy all of the delicious foods this holiday season, but I know that can be difficult because…

  • I want all the things but I’m also scared of what that means for my body. 
  • I don’t know if I’ll be able to control myself around food.
  • I find the holidays are a triggering time and therefore my eating habits change. 
  • I’m feeling social anxiety and food becomes a bit of a crutch.
  • I’ve spent so much time at home the last couple years, I’m worried about how friends/family will view me when they see me.

Here Are 5 Tips for Enjoying Food:

  1. Avoid restricting, as this leads to overeating and binging.
  2. Eat consistently throughout the day to keep blood sugar stable and to minimize big cravings. (I remember in the past not eating all day so that I could eat all the yummy things at the parties but then I’d be so hungry I’d eat ALL THE THINGS and more).
  3. Think about how you’ll feel AFTER eating.
  4. Try mindful eating: 
    1. Sit down while you’re eating.
    2. Chew your food. 
    3. Notice the flavours, textures, and smells. 
    4. Try eating with your non-dominant hand to help you slow down.
  5. Remember there are no good or bad foods. Different foods serve different purposes.  Fuel yourself based on your needs. 

Remember that YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU EAT.  There is no perfect way to eat and eating is one teeny tiny part of your big beautiful life. 

What do the holidays mean to you?  Is it about connecting with loved ones, disconnecting from screens, celebrating, resting, or reflection? Consider how food can support you or play a role in these things and make choices accordingly. 

Cheering you on!



Nov 23, 2021


Whether you’ve got lots of social events on your calendar (and lots of food at these events!)…

…or maybe you don’t have a lot of social events to attend…

Either way, it’s easy for anxiety to creep in around the holidays, so I wanted to provide you with 14 ways to overcome that anxiety!

Reduce caffeine to one cup max.

No alcohol.

Take a warm shower or bath before bed. 

Power down electronics one hour before sleep.

Stay hydrated.

Eat something every 2 hours and including protein when possible to help balance blood sugar levels and hormones.

Take a 30-60 second cold shower to stimulate the vagus nerve.


Spend time in nature.

Cut out intense workouts in favor of gentle walks or light stretching.

Try a guided meditation (depending on where your anxiety). Live Awake podcast has some nice ones.

Enjoy a weighted blanket (Bearaby has nice ones)

Limit news or media that drives fear, anxiety or comparison. 

Turn off social media for a couple days.

Which of these do you need the most at this moment?

-Erin. xo

Nov 08, 2021


I’m always working on my health and wellness to support me through busy seasons of life.

I want to share some of my absolute favorites with you…

…but remember that sometimes all these fun additions can feel overwhelming because there are so many things you can do. It’s not about having to do ALL of these things, but incorporate what speaks to you into your lifestyle. 

Here are the wellness products and newsworthy notes that I’ve been loving lately!

💕 The Bearaby weighted blanket helps restless leg syndrome + deeper sleeps!

💕 Athleta has size-inclusive and differently-abled mannequins!

💕 Spoonk Acupressure Mat – I’m still not over it!

💕 Turmeric Latte – This one by Blume is my favourite!

💕 Talking all things self-love on podcast with The Birds Papaya

💕Better Basics natural cleaning products in earth-friendly packaging.

The #1 thing that’s helped me incorporate more wellness rituals into my week is by attaching things I want to become new habits to old habits. 

For example:

  • I want to drink more water…so I’ve been drinking a glass of water every morning before breakfast.
  • I want to practice mindfulness more…so I attach that practice to the habit I already have of brushing my teeth. 
  • I want to take my supplements…so instead of just hoping I’ll remember (I won’t), I do it every morning at the same time (right after breakfast). 

What wellness rituals are bringing you more life?

-Erin. xo

Nov 02, 2021


I decided to take a month off drinking on Jan. 4th this year and I’m STILL sober (and feeling better than I ever have!)

It has been the right choice for me over and over again. I’m not sure it will be forever, but it’s definitely for right now.

I used to think I needed alcohol to be fun. Turns out I’m just as cray without it 👌🏻I love waking up without “the fear” and remembering every moment from the night before.

I used to think alcohol brought more fun/lightness etc to my life but now I realize it was actually depressing all the happy chemicals that were there and waiting.

My energy levels are more stable, my anxiety is lower, and I just feel more me.

Drinking is so so normalized in our world so shout out to anyone who it doesn’t work for in this season (or lifetime).

Life isn’t over when you don’t drink. For some of us it kind of feels like it’s just beginning ❤️

Still cheers’ing all my wine lovin’ peeps out there but just opting for something a little different in my wine glass. 

Here are some of my favorite fun healthy, non-alcoholic drinks:

🥂 Gldn Hour (collagen-infused sparkling water out of a can that helps minimizes fine lines & wrinkles, strengthens hair & nails!)

🥂 Sparkmouth Tonic with ice and a lime (and zero sugar added!)

🥂 Sparkling water with a splash of Limonata or lemonade, mint, lime, ice. 

🥂 Turmeric latte (this powerful antioxident helps reduce inflammation!)

🥂 Heineken 0.0  (great option for the beer lovers!)

🥂 TOST uses natural ingredients (and is great to celebrate any occasion!)

The key is to drink your non-alcoholic bevy from a special glass. I still drink out of a wine glass all the time to make it feel special! 🍷

Oct 29, 2021




Stil Classics Wellness Planner – $31
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Hydro Jug – $17.99
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Bearaby Weighted Blanket – $269
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One Wednesday Throw Blanket – $65
This lightweight throw will make a heavyweight contender for your heart, perfect for spring days at the park but still warm enough for a chilly evening. 

Blume Tumeric Latte Blend – $20.00
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MIFA Eucalyptus Mood Mist – $38
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Aritzia Agency Blazer – $248
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Knix Gift Card – $50
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Leah Alexandra Necklace – $165
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The Raw Beauty Reset – $299 (3x payments of $99)
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Meditations for Self Love – $39.00
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Oct 25, 2021


What does your morning “get ready” routine look like? 

For most of us, it usually goes a little something like…

💕 Wash face
💕 Apply Serums 
💕 Moisturize
💕 Sunscreen
💕 Apply makeup 
💕 And step into your day!

Women are spending some serious cash every year on beauty products, while most men (usually) aren’t.

Our society places a high value on beautiful women who take extra special care in their appearance, while men are praised for their ability to “bring home the bacon” and support their families…(though these roles are thankfully shifting more and more!)

Think about that for a moment…

If societal standards are influencing how much women are spending on their beauty products, and men are free from that expectation…

…how does that change the way women are spending their money?
With the help of my dear friend Simon Doran, an Investment Advisor at National Bank Financial, we were able to pull up some numbers…and to be honest I was shocked.

I considered my routines and calculated the cost of all the beauty products I use for one year (not including essential items like shampoo or toothpaste) and it totalled $4430!!

I tend to use clean and cruelty-free beauty products, and I’m willing to pay a slightly higher rate to feel confident in what’s going on my skin.

Now, we looked at this cost of beauty from an investment standpoint and gathered a couple of stats from some studies on women vs. men investing habits, and this is what we found: 

“In a recent survey by Lexington Law — which asked men and women what they’d do with an extra $1,000 — men were 35 percent more likely than women to say they would invest the money.” (Source: NBC News)

That’s a big discrepancy.

But what do these numbers mean beyond their financial value?

“There’s more to this than just the numbers. Money is choice. Money is freedom, Katchen says. Women who aren’t investing are losing out on a sense of pride and confidence that comes from reaching financial goals. Investing and watching your balances grow over time is empowering. It takes the fear out of the future.” (Source: NBC News

Let that sink in…

Women face a constant barrage of messaging that prompts us to make purchases based on insecurity peddled by the media. 

We see glossy marketing campaigns that have us spending our hard-earned money in the now.

…and missing out on investing it and saving towards our future financial growth. 

If instead, we invested that money, we would see massive financial gains…

Just look at this:

Investing in the market at a moderate 8%, that $4430/year on beauty would yield $380K in interest alone after 30 years! 

Now, all this isn’t to say you should stop spending your money on beauty products and the routines you enjoy.  I actually bought a new face mask this week that I LOVE.

You should do absolutely anything that makes you feel confident and happy! 

This is simply to highlight the information, so that we can all be a little more conscious and aware of how we’re spending and whether or not it feels aligned.

My biggest take-away from this exercise?

I haven’t been investing because I don’t feel confident in that area but I really want to learn how. In order to be able to invest I’m going to have to have to give up some of my quick-fix splurges and I actually feel really good about that.

Consider your financial goals. 

Get clear on the number you want to save. 

Invest for your future. 

Get personal with what you want in the future to protect yourself from the constant marketing telling you to ‘Buy Now!’ 

How do you feel about your own beauty routine after reading this?

Excited to hear your thoughts after reading this and seeing the graph!

If you are interested in being a guest on the Raw Beauty Talks Podcast to chat about this, be one of the first few people to reply to this email and we’ll set up a call to record together!


  • Do what makes you happy. 
  • Feel empowered.
  • Take control.
  • And move forward with clear and confident spending!
Aug 03, 2021


The biggest barrier to achieving optimal wellness for your unique body can sound like this:

“You have to go to the gym everyday” ”
You’re falling behind”
“You need to do this perfectly”

Who else has had these thoughts, too?

“You shouldn’t have eaten that”
“Why is your cellulite so gross? You’ve got to get this under control.”
“I hate my body. My body won’t do what I want it to do.”
“If I slip up once, I’ll lose everything I worked hard for.”

My mind has told me all of these things, too…

…Until I realized that I was poisoning my body with my own thoughts!

And that was the biggest barrier to truly feeling well.

Shifting my mindset was one of the biggest steps forward in improving my overall wellness.

That’s why I’ve got 5 mindset shifts for you to support optimal wellness for your unique body:

  1. Healthy looks different for every body.

    – We could all eat and exercise in exactly the same way and we would still have different bodies.
    – In the same way that a healthy olive tree looks very different from a healthy apple tree it’s important to remember that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes.

  2. Your body is on your team.– From the moment you were created, your body has been there for you with the primary focus of keeping you alive.
    – Every craving or symptom you experience (even the annoying ones like headaches) are simply ways your body is speaking to you.  Hunger tells us we need food, fatigue asks us for rest, and pain calls for loving attention.

  3. When trying harder isn’t working, try softer

    – Consider and area of your health and wellness that feels out of alignment. When you’re trying so hard, your whole body feels clenched, constricted, and tighter. Your thoughts reflect the way your body physically feels. Imagine pausing, taking a breath, allow body to soften and expand.
    – Trying softer in exercise can look like going for a nice long walk or doing yoga.
    – Trying softer in relationships can look like not sending that extra text and just giving them the space and seeing if they come to you…

  4. Progress over perfectionPerfection is an illusion so whenever we’re striving for it, we’re walking a path that never ends and prevents us from feeling “enough”.
    – Perfection can also prevent us from getting started at all.  If you have an idea of what a perfect workout looks like but you only have 15 minutes or just feel like going for a walk you’re likely to do nothing at all rather than working with what you’ve got.

  5. The thoughts you have are equally as important as what you eat or how you exercise.
    –  We have approximately 6,200 thoughts every day.
    – You can eat all the best foods and move your body every day but if your mind is filled with self doubt, fear, stress and judgement…it will impact your wellbeing.
    – The thoughts you carry impact your biochemistry which ultimately shapes your entire being.
    – The great news is our mind is like plastic and with conscious effort and tools we can reshape the direction our thoughts naturally flow.

For more tools to support your wellness tune into the Raw Beauty Talks podcast. 

-Erin. xo


Jul 20, 2021


If finding self-love and feeling your best feels a million miles away right now…

….here are some tools to help gently get you back on track.

1. Create a Personal Nourishment Menu

Pull out your journal or a blank piece of paper and create a list of things that make you feel supported and aligned with your best self.  Rather than creating a list of things you feel you “should” do, think about what you actually enjoy doing.  

Some examples are: 

  • taking a walk with a friend
  • baking
  • hiking
  • watching a good movie 
  • listening to upbeat music

Next time you’re feeling a little off, pull out your Personal Nourishment Menu, notice which item feels most supportive and then carve out some time to give back to yourself and enjoy it.

2. Meditations for Self Love 

It can be easy to get down on yourself when your mental health is struggling.  Remember that your mental health doesn’t define you.  

The Raw Beauty Co. Meditations for Self Love package is a collection of guided meditations designed to help you reconnect with your body and soften into self love. Therapist and mind-body-medicine researcher, Michele Kambolis, and health coach, Erin Treloar, join together to take you home to the essence of all that you are. The package includes four guided meditations, a self love worksheet, and handouts that will help you tune into your body, find your voice of self compassion and access inner calm.  Use code RAWBEAUTYFREE to get your package for free!

3. 5-5-7 Breathing

This simple breathing pattern mimics the breath of a person who is calm, signalling to your nervous system that it can relax. You can do it with your eyes open or closed, whatever feels most supportive.  Breathe in for a count of 5, hold for 5 and then gently exhale for a count of 7.  Repeat this pattern up to 10x.  Use this tool when you’re on a Zoom call, studying, driving or any other time when you notice you’re feeling a bit anxious. 

4. A Digital Detox 

Being mindful of the media you consume is always a good idea but when your anxiety or depression is flared up this is extra important.  Turn off the news or trade in that horror series on Netflix for light, fun and feel-good shows that lift your spirits.  If you can, take a break from social media for a few days, or carve out certain hours of the day that you commit to putting your phone down.  I recommend that my coaching clients, remove the apps from their phone completely so that they can still check in on their other devices but it’s not so readily available in the palm of their hand.  I personally leave my phone in my bag after work for a couple of hours to give my mind and body a chance to recover.

5. The Raw Beauty Reset 

When your mental health is struggling it can feel challenging to do the basic things that support our overall wellness like moving our body, eating well and getting adequate sleep.  

The Raw Beauty Reset is a guided 12-week wellness program designed to transform your relationship with food and your body. Based on four pillars — nourishment, movement, mindset and self love — the Reset is designed to take you back to the fundamentals of wellness for your unique body, teaching you to eat intuitively, create healthy habits, and build an empowering mindset that will support long-term holistic health. This program was reviewed and approved by Dr. Hillary McBride and Registered Dietician, Ali Eberhardt and is led by certified health coach, Erin Treloar.  Learn more here.

For more tools to support your wellness tune into the Raw Beauty Talks podcast. 

-Erin. xo

Jan 14, 2021

Creating An Inspiring & Clutter-free Kitchen

Honest hour.  

I am equal parts neat freak and “woosher” which is a terrible combination that completely contradicts itself.  Woosher is a nickname some friends once made up for me because I do everything a touch too quickly and it results in little spills, little fires and little scattered messes everywhere I go.  

My mind sometimes moves out of the present moment when it’s still required to be there. 

The part of me that is a neat freak is the part that feels settled and calm when everything is in it’s place and in order.  

See how the Woosher and Neat Freak don’t make much sense together?

My space really impacts the way I feel so over the years I’ve gotten better at setting up systems to help maintain the zen but for some reason the kitchen cupboards have always seemed to have a mind of their own. 

I guess you could say my kitchen is a mullet. 

Neat, tidy and strictly business on the outside and a wild party on the inside of every cupboard. 

As Covid-times have continued to persist, like many I’ve found myself searching for greater control of things within my grasp….like clutter. 

Sarah Gerber, founder of Neat Vancouver slid into my DM’s and I knew right away this was the kind of ally I needed in my life.  When the Queen of Clutter-free knocks on your door and offers to help you do not say no.  You put on a mask, keep 6ft apart and get that woman a coffee. 

Hiring Sarah was the best gift I ever gave myself.  She took my mullet of a kitchen and transformed it into a Victoria’s Secret model blow out.  Bad example – you know how I feel about that show :/  Let’s get back to the kitchen….

She even transformed my dumpster fire of a tea bin into this insanely gorgeous space.

As always, I want to share everything I learned from the team at NEAT VANCOUVER with you so that you can create an inspiring clutter-free kitchen in your home too.  Should you wish.  I also understand If you’ve completely given up on life at this point 😉 

Here’s what you need to know:

Here are Sarah’s top 5 tips to create an inspiring Kitchen:

Start Small

Overwhelm and procrastination is real when it comes to things like organizing a kitchen so her first tip is to start small. Focus in on one little area that feels manageable to declutter and start there rather than tackling the whole room at once.  Pick one drawer or cupboard or shelf on the fridge to start with and simply master that one area. The sense of completion will likely give you the energy to do more and if not, you still get a gold star.

Edit What You Don’t Use

Go through kitchen cupboards and discard anything that has expired or that has been unused for over 18 months. If you are not sure about something (ie. a seasonal item or something you don’t use often) then make sure you’re putting it in a spot that isn’t’ taking valuable space, use upper back cupboards or corner cupboards for these items.

Then keep tabs on it to see if you can edit it out next time.

No brainers – no negotiating…

  • Recycle Tupperware that doesn’t have a matching lid or bottom
  • Compost/recycle food and packaging that is expired over 6 months
  • Recycle any broken plastic (utensil, bowl, bottle)
  • If you like to save glass jars, I recommend 6-12 MAX!
  • Donate any kids plates, dishes, bottles that they’ve outgrown or won’t use anymore
  • Water bottles and to-go coffee mugs, each family member gets 2-3 MAX

Create Categories and Zones

Create zones in the kitchen for the activities you do most. For example, you could have a smoothie station, breakfast area, baking station and a coffee/tea station. In the fridge, create a space for produce, another space for dairy.   

If you have kids consider what they do in the kitchen. Can you create a kids zone in a lower kitchen cupboard for so that they can help themselves to approved snacks or dishes to set their place at the table. 

A Home for Everything

Use clear bins or glass jars to decant and store snacks and breakfast items you use often and buy in bulk (like oatmeal or cereal).  Packaging can take up space so removing items from their boxes or bags is often helpful. Remove trays from the fridge if you need more space etc.  If there are items on your counter make sure there is a home for each item off the counter so that you have the ability to clear the space if you need to.

Think About Function & Flow

Once you’ve edited and grouped items, really take a look at the overall space and flow of your kitchen. Are your items in the most efficient places?

Think about unloading the dishwasher, is the plate drawer closer by? Filling the coffee maker, do you use tap water or the fridge water? Kids cups, can they reach them themselves? Spices and cooking utensils, are they close to the stove? Do you need to entertain your kids at the counter while you cook? let’s add in some space for coloring books and crayons.

Can you move a category or station to a better area that would create a more effective flow through the space? Often the spots where the most clutter or messes pile up will be a good clue that this is where you need to re-look at function!

Hope you enjoy these tips from Sarah and the team at Neat Vancouver.  I’m sharing some before and after photos of our refreshed cupboard space and fridge so you can re-create them in your own home should you wish. 

I’d love to hear which tip or image resonates most with you!



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