Behind The Highlight Reel of Building a 7-Figure Business with Sunny Lenarduzzi

Nov 14, 2019

Behind The Highlight Reel of Building a 7-Figure Business with Sunny Lenarduzzi


Behind The Highlight Reel of Building a 7-Figure Business with Sunny Lenarduzzi

Behind the Highlight Reel of Building a 7-Figure Business with Sunny LenarduzziMeet Sunny…

Today we’re going behind-the-highlight reel of award winning video, social media and online business strategist Sunny Lenarduzzi to talk about the realities of what it takes to turn a side-hustle into a multi 7-figure business.  Now you might be thinking ‘but isn’t this a podcast about body image, wellness and self love?’ 

You bet it is…but one of the places that all of that is challenged the most is in our careers.  Our careers, jobs and passions light up our insecurities, reflecting back the confidence we have in ourselves and are a mind-field for things like imposter syndrome, burnout and self criticism. Follow along as Sunny sheds light on the realities behind the numbers and how she successfully navigated through a scary burnout.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

1:45 – How Sunny got started on the entrepreneurship path

4:39 – Welcome to the digital age: YouTube as a gamechanger

6:52 – When NATO comes knocking (you know you’ve made it)

7:31 – The university of Sunny: lessons from the past 4 years

9:15 – What it REALLY takes to successfully build your own business

12:08 – Scared straight: Sunny’s burnout & road to recovery

18:24 – How to prioritize doing nothing (and feel good about it)

20:07 – Addicted to the hustle: the dangers of being a workaholic

22:55 – How to be successful while still taking care of yourself

26:10 – Pushing yourself to the limit? Check for these burnout warning signs

28:11 – Sunny’s life-changing tip for your daily routine

30:30 – Getting in the groove: what Sunny’s rhythm looks like today

34:40 – Sunny’s explains how to say NO + create space

37:30 – The concept of recognizing a whole-body YES

39:09 – Making an impact: putting your message before your ego

41:14 – How to recognize your gifts and put them to use

43:51 – The importance of accepting failure as an inevitable step to greatness

46:24 – Sunny’s message for the women of the world


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