Sexual Power, Race & Reality TV with Garcelle BeauvaisĀ 

Jun 11, 2020

Sexual Power, Race & Reality TV with Garcelle BeauvaisĀ 


Sexual Power, Race & Reality TV with Garcelle Beauvais

Meet Garcelle…
In this episode, actress, reality TV star & podcast host, Garcelle Beauvais takes us behind her highlight reel to talk about finding confidence in the bedroom, skincare, infertility, navigating the BLM movement with 3 sons and the silver linings of COVID-19.
Never one to shy away from real, raw conversation, Garcelle starred in The Jamie Foxx Show, Coming to America, and is the newest cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Her new podcast, Going to Bed with Garcelle features no holds-barred girl talk on sex, life, dating, and relationships with a rotating mix of Garcelleā€™s celebrity and non-celebrity friends.  IT IS PURE GOLD.
Let’s dive into some Raw Talk with Garcelle!




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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we coveredā€¦

1:00 – Going to bed with Garcelle

4:07 – How Garcelle is navigating the world right now

5:33 – The silver linings of COVID-19: legacy, love and diving deep

7:37 – The realest housewife of Beverly Hills spills the tea (skincare, scripts and snacks)

13:59 – The curse (and blessings) of Reality TV

15:16 – What sex + body confidence means to Garcelle 

21:51 – Garcelle talks infertility

23:30 – Navigating BLM as a mother to Black sons

27:42 – Getting comfortable in the discomfort: Garcelle shares how to get involved in the BLM movement

30:32 – Behind the curtain of racism in the entertainment industry

33:01 – Garcelleā€™s message to the women of the world

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