Setting Goals That Actually Get Done with Jacki Carr

Feb 06, 2020

Setting Goals That Actually Get Done with Jacki Carr


Setting Goals That Actually Get Done with Jacki Carr

Setting Goals That Actually Get Done with Jacki Carr

Meet Jacki…

Goal coach. Leadership consultant. Speaker. Hiker. Mama. Jacki is the co-founder of ROCK YOUR BLISS, a yoga and goals movement inspiring and empowering others to live the life of their dreams. Inspired by connection, family, nature and getting vulnerable, Jacki shares her list of best practices to bring your goals to life, breaks down what a goal ACTUALLY is and helps us consider our values when setting these milestones. Get ready to take notes – there are some real gems in this weeks episode!

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goalSPEAK – Get ready to level up

SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

2:30 – The lululemon connection: how Jacki became a goal coach & launched Rock Your Bliss

6:15 – How to navigate a long-distance business relationship (while maintaining a friendship)

11:36 – The connection between comparison and communication

12:55 – I Am, You Are

13:44 – The power of staying in your lane

16:09 – Putting the comfort back in comfort zone

22:57 – The value of goal-setting

27: 40 – Breaking down what does the word ‘goal’ means to you

29:11 – The difference between a goal and a value-based goal

36:00 – Applying the value lens to your Instagram feed

37:24 – Jacki’s steps for setting an effective goal

41:53 – Vision boards: leave room for superficialities

46:00 – Should you say your goals out loud or keep them under wraps?

53:00 – Seal the deal: the importance of setting deadlines for your goals

55:07 – Jacki’s 4 best practices to bring your goals to life

59:24 – Jacki’s complete wellness routine (+ what wellness means to her)

1:03:02 – Jacki’s message for the women of the world

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