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Photography by Melissa Gidney


Age: 55

Occupation: Holistic Nutritionist & founder of VIV – ‘vibrant ingredients for vitality’

Describe yourself in under 100 words :  My name means “vivacious”, and I believe I do embody that energy and joie de vivre!  I am kind, loving, loyal, generous (sometimes to a fault as I find it really easy to give & give, vs receiving).  My broad and varied social network is a testament to the importance of relationships…both close, personal ones and acquaintances.

VivianDIf you had to describe your RAW shoot in one word what would it be?  


Beauty can be defined in so many ways. What is your definition of ‘beautiful’?

Self confidence and self love….putting aside comparison and judgment of others

When do you feel most beautiful?  

After a great yoga class

What part of aging scares you the most? 

Maintaining relevance in a fast changing world… communication, technology, and with my kids and future grandkids

What part of aging is the most exciting?

How much input I have into my own health…through nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, family, friends, community

On average how much do you spend each month on cosmetic items such as make-up, hair cuts/colouring, waxing, clothing, nails, tanning, creams etc.?


Have you ever struggled with confidence, body image or insecurities in your life?  

Sure, but it’s usually just been a passing thing, nothing that turned into an obsession.

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery or treatments?

I had breast implants 25 yrs ago, and had them replaced about 6 yrs back.  I have questioned the implications of having foreign objects in my body, but I also choose not to focus on the negative.  I love the way I look, and there is no question that it has impacted my confidence and sex appeal.

I had lovely breasts when I was younger and after nursing 2 beautiful daughters for 9 months each, ended up with a very mis-matched pair.  I am not opposed to plastic surgery per se, but believe that choices should be personal and not about keeping up with friends or societal pressures.  I have had laser hair removal in the bikini area…big thumbs up for that!  I also tried botox a couple of times several years ago, but I definitely don’t want that in my system, plus, any protocol that requires repetitive treatments is just a slippery slope as far as I can tell

Let’s talk Photoshop.  What are your thoughts on this cultural phenomenon? Yay or nay? Or is there a place for it sometimes?

Sure there’s a place for it…but not by completely erasing expression and wrinkles so everyone looks like they came from the same porcelain doll factory.  That said, I’d be curious to see a picture of myself that I really like as is…then photo shopped J  It would be fun to see them side by side

I think great lighting is the key!

When you were 5 what did you want to be when you were older?

A nurse


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