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Age: 33Nilea5

Occupation: Retail-Hospitality

Tell us about yourself:

I am dreamer. Always thinking of the next step or phase of myself and who I would like to become, and then I do it! I actually do it! I am a wife, a soon to be mother, and general manager/half owner of a restaurant, owner of a vintage shop, friend to many, and a landlord.

I love every part of it because it all a part of the plan. Its a part of living in NY and its the dream that I have for myself.

Something about me that most people don’t know:

Hmm I am pretty open once you get to know me. I believe in sharing who you are. Its a part of the exchange. Inspire and be inspired.

When I picture beautiful, I think of:

Travel. Interesting people, interesting places and I am in the middle interacting with them.

My beauty ritual:

I adore clothing, lipstick, and story telling though dress up. I have way too many clothes and daily ideas to add makeup and bag choices on top of my daily routine. I go through two major “look” changes a year (spring/summer & fall/winter) where I pick a matching lipstick and nail color (this season its a dark plum), a bag for the season, and a fabulous new hair cut. These become the core elements of my look for the entire season and I just wear whatever I want in between.  Seems silly but it works for me.

My greatest dream is to be:

Free. Free to travel, wherever and when ever I want.

The most amazing this that my body has done for me is:

Creating this little person inside. Can’t wait to meet him or her.

If I could look like someone else I would pick:

Grace Jones but just for a day or a week in the 80’s. After that I would go back to being myself.

If I could give one message to women of the world it would be:

To always impress yourself.



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