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Photographer: Chris Thorn


Age: 30MikaelaB

Occupation: Culinary Nutritionist and Health Coach

Describe yourself in under 100 words.

I love laughter. I love scaring, surprising, and loving people. My favorite things are eating, traveling, exploring cultures, and sunsets. I do well with challenge and structure, as much as I fight it.

Why did you decide to participate in the RAW photo shoot?

Because I believe in the message that RAW is trying to convey, which in my opinion is helping to redefine the definition of beauty. Recognizing beautiful as a whole and trying to empower women to feel comfortable in their skin.

What surprised you most about the experience?

When I left the house without a touch of make up on I felt that I wasn’t completely “ready.” I had an important meeting before the shoot and I felt the need to make excuses as to why I didn’t appear to be as put together. It was an interesting response, especially because I don’t wear that much make up, but I guess I am used to the idea of putting nice clothes and “my face” on before meetings and engagements.

What is your definition of ‘beautiful’?

I think the most beautiful people are the ones that really love themselves the most.

Have you ever felt like you weren’t beautiful?  If yes, when does this feeling usually come up?  

When I ignore my “true” needs I don’t feel beautiful, because I have stopped listening to myself. I think beauty is so much about how you feel on the inside.

When do you feel most beautiful?

When I am thinking from a positive place, I feel light, inspired and beautiful. Exercise is a huge part of how beautiful I feel. It really lifts me up. I also feel beautiful when I am floating in a warm ocean. It is a childhood mermaid fantasy thing.

What part of aging scares you the most?

Losing strength. Extra body hair. Losing my memories. Having more aches and pains.

What part of aging is the most exciting?

Wisdom and perspective. Caring less about the things that never really mattered.

On average how much do you spend each month on cosmetic items such as make-up, hair cuts/colouring, waxing, clothing, nails, tanning, creams etc.MikaelaQuote2

Oh boy. I love products. Or more so cleansers and creams. I guess I average $150 a month? Some months are MUCH worse than others.

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery or treatments?  Why or why not?

Nothing yet. I haven’t reached a time in my life where I have thought about it. I like the idea of aging gracefully and owning it although I have no judgement around it and who knows how I will feel in 20 years.

If you woke up every morning feeling confident, content and proud of your natural appearance (before putting on make-up, doing your hair, getting dressed etc.) how would your world be different?  What would that feel like? Would your day unfold differently?

I guess I would have more time!

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