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Photography by Chris Thorn


Age: 30


Occupation: Fashion blogger, Tobruck Ave.

Hi Kiara! Tell us about yourself in under 100 words.

I am a child of the world, born in Vancouver, brought up in Switzerland and ventured around the world to LA, NYC and in the last year, Cape Town. Fashion has always been a big part of my life, and combining that passion with my interest in marketing and social media is a true dream come true. Doing what I love has allowed me to flourish in every part of my life and I would not trade that for anything. My personality is adventurous and that’s what I get to show with my blog TobruckAve.

What is something about yourself that most people don’t know?

Most people don’t know that I grew up dancing ballet pretty much every day of my life until I was 14. Just before I could’ve gone pro, I decided ballet wasn’t cool and that I wanted to do hip-hop instead! Oh teenage years. Sometimes I regret that decision, but everything happens for a reason.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Why is it so weird answering something favorable about yourself? I would say my favorite thing would be that I can be a workaholic, but I also know how to turn that off and enjoy life to the fullest, especially when I am surrounded by my family and loved ones.

What is the most amazing thing your body has done?

It hasn’t failed me in any way with anything I have ever done so far. Health is all we have and for that I am grateful.

What is your biggest insecurity in regards to your appearance, if anything and where do you think it comes from?

I am insecure about my skin! I have not had clear or perfect skin since I was 17! For some reason, it is just so sensitive and I still get spots and redness. I have tried everything, nothing produces 100{f31dd2d1944685ce2ae88154a0fca4e838c1d5c4feb0a8c87e0077bbf24e5273} perfect results. Also, my natural hair is seriously frizzy and weirdly curly- not in a good way. So, I rarely go out without taming it with some sort of iron. It comes from just personal appearance insecurities and probably the pressures of the internet to always look perfect in every way.


Dieting. Yay or nay?

I am all for eating healthy. Dieting can come in many forms and for many different reasons, as long as it is coming from a healthy place.

Several research studies have shown that photo editing the bodies and skin complexion of women in media (magazines, advertisements, websites etc.) has really detrimental effects on the confidence of young girls and women resulting in increased depression, anxiety and eating disorders. What are your thoughts on Photoshop? Is it an expression of art or have we taken it too far?

The line between it being art and taking it too far is fine. Used in different ways it can sometimes be taken too far, however girls these days need to understand that what we see in magazines is not real life, but a world of perfection that is impossible to attain. It is created for us to dream about but never achieve. That is the marketing secret behind fashion and the digital age. It makes us keep wanting more, thus spending more and paying more attention to what we need rather than what we have. We should separate the two worlds without letting it influence our own aspirations in an unhealthy way.

If you could give one message to women of the world what would it be?

Trust in the power and the light that is within you! We all have it, just let it shine and you can achieve anything you put your mind to.


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