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Photography by Chris Thorn


Age: 32

Occupation: Fashion Blogger/designer of sorts

Kate4If you had to describe yourself in only 100 words what would you say?  

I am a former stylist, current blogger, and future designer of something exciting…but mostly a girl who loves animals, style, music, eccentricities and the water. I love to write, learn, and meditate. I love the life I have created and strive to fill it with beauty, generosity, and kindness everyday.

Why did you decide to participate in the RAW photo shoot?

I was encouraged by the amount of beautiful women willing to be vulnerable for this shoot. I felt it was something that can only bring beauty and positivity and therefore wanted to be a part of.

What surprised you most about the experience?

I guess it would be a few things. How nervous I was, for sure. Also how beautiful everyone looked without their makeup on. Everyone looked the same as they do with makeup.

Beauty means different things to different people.  What is your definition of ‘beautiful’?

Beautiful to me is having a pure and giving heart. It has very, very little to do with how our outside appearance is presented to this world other than being confident in our own skin.

Clearly you are gorgeous. Does a woman like you ever feel like you aren’t beautiful?

Yes! As a teenager I struggled very much to find who I was and this definetly took its toll on my self image. I think its an easy target, to turn inward, when things aren’t going your way. You can find so many things to pick apart about yourself.

So if you were to pick yourself apart what are you most insecure about?

My arms. I know its weird. But I’ve just never felt comfortable with the shape of them.

When do you feel most beautiful?

I think before bed. Maybe it’s the feeling like you conquered the day and you’re tired, but you got through it, and now I get to hang out with my two favorite people in bed. My boyfriend and my dog!

Kate on her blog Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Kate on her blog Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Sounds like perfection. Has your appearance ever held you back in life or conversely helped you?  

This is a tough one and I suppose at different times in my life, difficult to acknowledge. I know that at times my appearance has helped me in my career, when I was an actress and model but alternatively, I have felt like at times it has worked to my disadvantage as I felt as though I was what I looked like. People have an easier time making a judgement of someone based on their looks. And for me I felt like there was this very incongruous line of what people assumed I was like based on my looks and how I felt and who I was.

If you could give a 16-year old girl a piece of advice in regards to beauty, confidence or self love what would you say?

Oh man. Work on the inside, figure out how to feel comfortable in your own skin, cause you can only avoid it so long. And it’s a lot easier when you get to know yourself and build on that.

Getting older can be terrifying or totally freeing. What part of aging scares you the most?

I would say wrinkles, but I think its more coming to terms with the wrinkles. Being able to bridge that gap and be confident in them, while its happening.

What part of aging is the most exciting?

Feeling more grounded and confident in myself. It has only gotten better every year. I feel like 20’s are hard and 30’s you start to figure some things out. I think that is the exciting idea of aging and maturing.

Looking good can cost a serious amount of change.  On average how much do you spend each month on cosmetic items every month? 

I would have to guess around $250

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery or treatments?

No. That hasn’t been something that I have felt like resonates right for me at this point.

If you woke up every morning feeling confident, content and proud of your natural appearance (before putting on make-up, doing your hair, getting dressed etc.) how would your world be different?

This is interesting. I feel like there are two ends to this spectrum. On the one hand I feel like there would be this deep confidence and ease that you would carry through your day. On the other hand I also feel like the world could be a little less colorful. I think its interesting to see how people define there style as a form of their self expression. But the tricky part is, is figuring your own sense of style not just what a magazine says is in style.



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