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Photography by Courtney Aaron


Age: 23

Occupation: Professional snowboarder, 2014 Olympic Gold Medallist

I had the opportunity to speak with Jamie weeks before she left to compete at the 2014 Sochi Olympics and despite her busy training schedule she made it a priority to connect to chat RAW.  I was immediately impressed by her outlook on life, family and her health.  This girl is down-to-earth, caring and a fierce competitor when it comes to her passion, snowboarding.  I asked Jamie if she was able to maintain a positive relationship with her body despite all the pressure she’s faced with to work out and eat well as a professional athlete and I loved her answer.

“I feel very grateful for the opportunities I have and I want to be able to take full advantage of them. Part of that involves taking care of myself by leading a health conscious lifestyle. It’s something I value. Taking care of my body by staying active, doing yoga, eating well and yes, making time to enjoy a beer now and again is part of that.”

This is an incredibly powerful belief system when it comes to creating a healthy relationship with your body. No counting calories, strict diets or hating on yourself. It’s based on a philosophy of self-love, valuing yourself and taking care of yourself so you can reach your full potential.   Here is the rest of Jamie’s interview…

JamieCDescribe yourself in under 100 words :

I am passionate, outgoing, conscious, I love our Earth, and being outside. I love yoga. I love my family.

When you were 6 what did you want to be when you were older?

I wanted to be a teacher.. and I still do at some point 🙂

Why did you agree to do a photo shoot without make-up, editing or filters?

I think it’s amazing to embrace the natural beauty of ourselves, and really keep it RAW.

Beauty can be defined in so many ways. What is your definition of ‘beautiful’?

I would say shining your beauty from your spirit. From the inside out. Being yourself, and loving yourself!

When do you feel most beautiful?

When I wake up from a good nights rest and am excited about the beautiful day ahead of me.

Have you ever had your heart broken? If yes, how did you get past it?

Yes. It’s been very difficult to overcome. Love thy self. Let go. Enjoy every moment. Trust. Honor. Believe!

In our conversation we talked about the importance of finding something that you are passionate about and integrating it into your life at some level. You’ve obviously done this with snowboarding in a major way. I know a few people who feel like they aren’t passionate about anything in particular. Do you think people are born passionate about something or can we cultivate passion by focusing on something?

I believe you can find passion at anytime in your life. And I think what we’re passionate about changes at different stages of our life.


Connect with Jamie: 

Twitter Handle/ @Jamieandersonsnow

Instagram/ @jamieandersonsnow

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