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Age: 30JackiE1

Occupation: Conscious Coach  www.jackicarr.com, Co-Founder of Rock Your Bliss

Tell us about yourself in under 100 words.

I am Jacki Carr. I am a straight talker, a Christmas season lover, an adventurer in nature, a lover of my fiancé, Chris Hynes, a coacher of personal power and goals, a family girl from Texas with a Midwest heart and a California zip code and mindset, a friend, a daughter, a future mother. I am strong, I live for people rocking their most radical potential and I yearn for us all to high five, connect deeper, and make eye contact way more.

If you were talking on the phone to someone you had never met how would you describe your appearance?

Oh hello, so nice to meet you via phone. I am a fun spirited human being with a flare for adventure in mountains. I love to sweat, drink red wine with friends, and if you have a big goal, oh goodness, I so cannot wait to hear about it.

Have you ever struggled with a lack of confidence or insecurities? 

Oh my word, of course. When I was young, I dealt with a lot of confidence issues and insecurities. Common phrases in my teen mind: “yikes, my thighs are so muscular and humongous” – “Why acne, why?”- “I can’t afford that”- “I’m not cool, I never get any of those sexual jokes”- “What is with these hairy arms and maybe I will wear sweats again today” – “How do I really wear this make up?” – “Oh no, please no, not another cold sore on my lip.”

There was this constant pressure that I put upon myself to be and look ‘cool’ and pretty and athletic, to fit this cookie cutter mold. So I was always left with this inner conflict fighting between trying to be cool, trying so hard to be something I am not (clothes, music, attitude, people I surround myself with), and the other side where you try to hide who you really are. So much push and pull because I was really not sure how to accept myself, so I was looking beyond myself, outside of myself and leaning on opinions of other teens (probably) doing the exact same thing. Even now, at age 30, I can still feel the outward approval and have dig in and check myself before I wreck myself.

When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I am dripping sweat in a yoga room, on a run outdoors, hiking a mountain or riding a spin bike. Something about the exertion, effort, and achievement really rocks the whole image and I feel strong inside and out.

What are your “Not Enough” feelings?

Often times my “not enough” feelings are wrapped up in money. I often times confuse worth in terms of a dollar sign. I know that I know better, and yet it is a pattern I am working on.


If you were given the option to change your appearance would you? If yes, what would you change?

The only thing I would change would be my irritable skin. I have dealt with acne since I was 14 years old. Still at age 30, I am always analyzing my skin – be it my face, my arms, my back… It actually changes the way I look in the mirror. I rarely see me, I see skin problems.

What are 5 things you love about yourself?

1. My Confidence

2. My Thick hair

3. My Family

4. My Athleticism

5. My Uber Joy factor

I say cellulite, you think of:

Cheese and gluten. Or, those images in US Weekly where they circle cellulite in red marker on movie stars in bathing suits. That is just so mean.

What is your message to other women out there?

Do what makes you feel joy, what makes you feel strong, what makes you feel beautiful. Choose to know yourself, know what lights you up and do way, way more of it. And it can be anything you want!




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