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Photography by Christine Chang


Age: 35

Occupation: Actor

Describe yourself in under 100 words:

A small town girl, stubborn yet empathetic, follows her dreams, falls on her face, and counts the people in her life to be her greatest achievement. Lover of food and beautiful things, can hold her breath for a long time, deals with professional rejection exceptionally well, but personal rejection extremely poorly, and wishes she paid more attention in school. Passionate about animal rights, endorphins, having integrity, and keeping a clean house. Loves her family, travel, lilacs, crafts, and listening to the ‘Pixies’ while road tripping. Hopes to still be acting into her 80’s, own a cabin on a lake, and see an end to child sex trafficking before she goes, but is overwhelmed where to start.

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Erin after winning a Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actress

Close your eyes and picture something beautiful. What comes to mind?


When do you feel most beautiful?

When I wake up in the morning.

As an actress do you feel there is more pressure on you to look a certain way or to uphold a certain standard of beauty?

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter if it’s Angelina Jolie, or a character actress, an actress of color, an elderly actress, a disabled actress, a pregnant actress, any type of actress, if we show up at the Academy Awards, you better believe we would have went through the hair/make-up/wardrobe works, and probably had an oxygen facial, cupping, and fairy dust sprinkled all over us. The only time it seems acceptable for actresses to “down play” their looks, is when actually working, portraying a character, and ironically we are often awarded for it. Halle Barry, Charlize Theron, and Hillary Swank all won Oscars (Hilary 2!) while portraying women who wore little if no make-up, and in Charlize case, put on weight for the part. All this said, I am simply observing not chastising, and am also following the norm, as we must, in order to work. There was a time in history actors were regarded as peasants, the lowest on society’s totem pole, so if I have to hit the gym & get my nails done to be respected, it could be worse.

You are a gorgeous, talented woman who has everything going for her.  Have you ever struggled with poor self-confidence or insecurities?  If so, what are they and how do you work through them?

Of course. I’ve been acting professionally for 13 years, and am in such a different place now then when I started off. My ‘looks’ aren’t as youthful as they were, but my personal & professional growth have lead me to a great place where I have more confidence and am more accepting of my insecurities. I came to this immaculate understanding in my 20’s that really helped me deal with rejection, competition, anxiety, and it’s quite simple. No one can be me but me, and I can’t be anyone else, therefore I have the monopoly on Erin Karpluk. Once I understood this, and really owned & accepted myself, the good and bad, everything became more enjoyable, both personally and professionally. As time goes on we have to continue to be authentic to who we are, and honor that. Everyone grows old, everyone has insecurities, it’s just a lot easier to accept when you can allow a sense of humor and a bit of grace.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 11.23.54 PMYou work in an industry where plastic surgery, Botox etc. is the norm.  Have you ever had cosmetic surgery or treatments?

The best investment I ever made was laser hair removal! I love being able to jump into a bikini year-round without stressing about shaving or waxing. I also recently had a fraxle laser treatment. I’m genetically pre-disposed to getting melasma (hormonally influenced, looks like freckles joining together into blobs) and my face was starting to look like my calico cat! You can still see it in these pictures a bit, but at least now I don’t have to wear a concealer or foundation everyday to cover it up. I like to let my skin breathe, and I’m constantly trying to cut time off my ‘get ready’ routine. Both were good investments but expensive and painful.

Let’s talk Photoshop.  Have you ever been photoshopped in an image that was published (i.e. a magazine spread)?  If you were offered the cover of Glamour Magazine and you knew they were going to make your boobs bigger and your waist smaller would you be willing to say that you would only do it if you were untouched in the photo?

I’m sure promotional ads for certain shows I’ve been in have been color corrected, but my body has never been tweaked. I would never want my body altered for a magazine spread, or any medium (outside of animation). I would be upset if I learnt that this was done without my permission. Take it or leave it. Early in my career I did body motion-capture for a James Bond video. I played Kiko the Asian bombshell, & request that the guys at EA sports make her have huge knockers as a joke, and they did! That was kind of awesome though.

Imagine if wrinkles were considered desirable and people were applauded for maintaining a healthy BMI instead of a teeny, tiny frame.  How would your life be different? 

Whaaahooo!! Honestly it would save so much time and stress. I’m happy with my weight but it’s better for work if I’m 5lbs-10lbs less than what I would normally be. I do like the incentive to stay in shape, and I enjoy eating healthy, but if there is an event coming up I dread the two hr workouts and carb cutting. It just goes beyond moderation and makes me grumpy & feeling deprived. The ‘wrinkles’ thing is hard to stop. My mom’s has many lines on her face and she is beautiful! The wrinkles are like an imprint of expression that maps out this incredible life she’s led. That said, I do wish it was more acceptable, and I still do slather my face with SPF 50000 & use eye cream & serum!


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