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Photographer: Jay Salbert 


Age: 30

Occupation: Co-Founder, CEO I AM THAT GIRL

Emily you are someone who inspires us every day with the work you are doing for girls through I AM THAT GIRL.  Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of the work that you do. 

I’m in love with love, with travel, and culture, and new experiences, with my friends and my family, with music and spontaneous dance parties and laughing, with super deep conversations about the human experience and how to change the status quo, with the beach and the mountains and the sky and the jungle. I’m super curious. I love watching people in their most true element – honest and vulnerable and powerful. I love to be on boats, and on motorcycles. Food and wine makes me happy when consumed with loved ones. I’m silly and flawed and awesome and a constant work in progress.


If you were talking on the phone to someone you had never met how would you describe your appearance?

I’m 5’3, big curly hair, big ol’ smile, olive skin, and beautiful.

Have you ever struggled with a lack of confidence or insecurities? If yes, please elaborate.

Yes, of course, every day. I don’t think life is about avoiding insecurity all together as much as it’s about loving ourselves (and each other) through our insecurities. I have daily insecurities about one or many of the following: my body, my success, my intelligence, my hair, my relationships, etc. I welcome them, I learn from them, I cry from them, and I share them as often as I can.

EmilyGreenerPicWhen do you feel most beautiful?

When I wake up in the morning, I’m naked, and I look at myself in the mirror long enough to see past my face and my body and in to who I really am, and then I say the things out loud to myself that I dream others would say to me.

What are your “Not Enough” feelings?

They are all around the insecurities I mentioned above. The one I’m hearing loudest currently is around success. My success = the success of my organization, I AM THAT GIRL, and while we are impacting thousands of lives, I still think we could be doing more. “We aren’t reaching enough girls, we don’t have enough funding, etc.”


If you were given the option to change your appearance would you? If yes, what would you change?

I may or may not be lying to myself (and therefore you) when I say this but my answer is NO. As much as I wish I was a little bit taller, or my stomach was smaller, or my nose less pointy, I whole-heartedly believe that I am in this body for a reason. And I love it with all of my heart, and it’s gifted me incredible experiences and friends and family. And with any insecurities I may have about my appearance comes the lessons that have shaped me in to who I am, and I’m really proud of who I am.

What are 5 things you love about yourself?

My hair, my smile, my personality, my ability to make people feel seen, my laugh

I say cellulite, you think:


What is your message to other women out there?

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~ Buddha



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