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Photography by Melissa Gidney


Age: 35

Occupation: film producer and distributor   


Describe yourself in under 100 words :

I am a fiercely loyal friend, sister and daughter. My workdays are long but barely a free moment goes by that I don’t take advantage of running in the woods, going to yoga, spending time with my family and friends and animals. I love to read. I love going to the movies. I love going to shows. I love doing nothing. I have a strong sense of home as well as a huge love for travel, adventure and the unknown.

When you were 5 what did you want to be when you were older?

The President of the United States.

If you had to describe your RAW shoot in one word what would it be?


Beauty can be defined in so many ways. What is your definition of ‘beautiful’?


When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I am happy – it’s a cliché but the truth.

What part of aging scares you the most?

Running out of time.

What part of aging is the most exciting?

Growth that comes from life experiences and becoming more content in my own skin – everything seems to be getting better with age.

On average how much do you spend each month on cosmetic items such as make-up, hair cuts/colouring, waxing, clothing, nails, tanning, creams etc.  

Probably around $150

Have you ever struggled with confidence, body image or insecurities in your life?  

I have absolutely, and continue to fight with it like most of us do. I have Crohn’s disease and as a result my weight tends to fluctuate. It’s also left some scarring from multiple surgeries and it’s physically changed my body a lot. It’s not going to get any better than it is right now –  a lot of the struggle is mental. I stay active, think positively and remind myself that my health is more important than being the skinniest human alive.

EmilyQuoteHave you ever had cosmetic surgery or treatments?  

I haven’t and I’d like to think that I’ll make it to the end without any. For me embracing aging is part of life and growth and makes us who we are. I like to think that each line has come from a big smile or a good laugh! 

Let’s talk Photoshop.  What are your thoughts on this cultural phenomenon? Yay or nay? Or is there a place for it sometimes?

I’m not a fan to completely alter images and bodies.  I feel like when it’s used to completely alter appearances and misrepresent there is an inherent danger in its message – absolute perfection is not my definition of beauty.

How do we ensure that the next generation of girls grows up with confidence and a strong sense of self when they receive so many messages telling them that they are not enough?

Movements like this are a great place to start. Women must empower other women, act as mentors and support one another. Self-confidence is something that is nurtured and we need to be generous with praise. We need to encourage growth and the belief that you can do anything if you just follow your heart and work hard. It also must come from home. My parents were and continue to be amazing role models. They taught us that with a determined work ethic, good manners and a strong sense of self – we could do anything we wanted to.

You grew up with two younger sisters.  Was there ever any competition between the three of you?

Honestly – not really.  Our parents have always treated all four of us (we have a younger brother, Mac) as equals and asked that we treat each other as friends and equals too. It’s not all perfect all the time – but there’s a lot of mutual love and respect between the four of us.

What’s one thing you love about each of your sisters?

Miriam – Her smile, her heart, and her outlook on life; she’s the maker of her own destiny.

Sophie – Her eyes, her heart, her resilience, and her amazing sense of humor.


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