Sarah Nicole On How To Love Your Body

Mar 10, 2019

Sarah Nicole On How To Love Your Body


Sarah Nicole On How To Love Your Body

Meet Sarah Nicole…

Five years ago Sarah Nicole embarked on a journey to get out of a rut she was in and better her life. She lost 100lbs, went through a divorce and entered a new chapter of single motherhood.

Today Sarah is remarried, has three children and is an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of women through her online platform The Birds Papaya.  By using instagram as her journal, she is helping others see and understand their worth, love their bodies, feel less alone in the world, and be ok with life’s little shakeups.

Grab a coffee, get comfy and join us as we talk about about shifting from a diet mindset to a place of self love, raising kids with confidence, tummy tucks and what she believes women need to do in order to change the way the world sees us and our bodies.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

2:20 : The turning point that led her to make change in her life

4:30 : Sarah’s journey to self love

7:28 : Shifting from a diet mindset to a self love mindset

14:00 : Sarah’s favourite social media accounts

15:40 : The story of Sarah’s divorce

20:45 : Sarah’s definition of marriage today

22:23 : Finding your own authentic voice

27:00 : Finding love after divorce

32:00 : Plastic surgery after kids

33:15 : How we create a more body positive world 


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