Overcoming Fear So You Can Do Cool Shit with Miki Agrawal

Jun 27, 2019

Overcoming Fear So You Can Do Cool Shit with Miki Agrawal


Overcoming Fear So You Can Do Cool Shit with Miki Agrawal

Overcoming Fear So You Can Do Cool Shit with Miki Agrawal

Meet Miki…

Miki Agrawal is a serial social entrepreneur who is disrupting product categories with her unique concepts all while helping millions of women + the planet on the way.  Cool right?  We think so.  Miki was a professional soccer player before opening WILD an acclaimed farm-to-table alternative pizza concept, THINX, a high-tech, period-proof underwear brand and led the company as CEO to a valuation of over $150 Million. and TUSHY, a company that is revolutionizing the American toilet category with a modern, affordable, designer bidet attachment that both upgrades human health & hygiene as well as the environment from wasteful toilet paper consumption.

She is an award winner – and we’re talking big awards from heavy-hitters like Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. Most recently, she was named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in 2018 and she is the author of two incredible books: DO COOL SHIT and DISRUPT-HER. Follow along as Miki shares all her tips and tricks on overcoming fear and pursuing your passions.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

2:55 – What inspired Miki to leave an investment banking job and pursue entrepreneurship

4:25 – The 3 goals that started it all: Play professional soccer, make movies and start a business

8:05 – Stomach aches, bloating, farting and misery

8:56 – Pizza: The $32 billion-dollar industry that needed disruption

10:55- Period proof underwear—the product we never knew we needed

11:26 – The importance of creativity and the power of play

15:00 – The word ‘period’ is deemed offensive, and Thinx fights back

18:45 – Why do we feel shame about our nether regions?

19:10 – Tushy: for those who care about the environment and their bodies

24:27 – Why North America is behind the times when it comes to personal cleaning

28:27 – How to get yourself out of a rut using initiative, curiosity and persistence

33:21 – Miki’s key to success

35:32 – Miki’s tips for overcoming fear (and putting yourself out there)

38:59 – Miki’s message to the women of the world



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