3 Wellness Trends You Don’t Want To Miss in 2019

May 02, 2019

3 Wellness Trends You Don’t Want To Miss in 2019


3 Wellness Trends You Don’t Want To Miss in 2019

Meet Melisse…

Today’s guest has been blazing the trail of the wellness lifestyle for over 10 years.  Her company Well + Good was one of the first platforms to help define the wellness scene at the same time as Wholefoods started popping up and SoulCycle had opened the doors to their second studio.  Melisse Gelula is the Co-Founder of Well + Good, leading their editorial team in applying journalistic reporting standards to the wellness lifestyle.

Melisse is a natural beauty expert and frequently speaks at conferences around North America.  Her most recent endeavour is a cookbook featuring favourite recipes from the world’s greatest wellness gurus.

Today we’re taking all about the wellness industry while getting the inside scoop on wellness trends from the woman who is writing the narrative every single day.

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Follow Well + Good on Instagram @iamwellandgood and @wellandgoodeats

Well + Good Council – wellandgood.com/well-good-council/

Well + Good Cookbook – wellandgood.com/well-and-good-healthy-cookbook/

Well + Good Talks – wellandgood.com/talks/

Navigating Misinformation in Media – Noor Tagouri Podcast

Pete Davidson and BDE – The Cut

SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

1:21 – What is Well + Good?

6:00 – The Well + Good council

8:20 – Democratizing wellness

9:25 – Misinformation in the wellness media

11:00 – How Well + Good applies journalistic reporting standards to wellness

16:04 – How Well + Good was born

18:30 – Burnout in the wellness industry

19:00 – 2019 wellness trends you don’t want to miss

20:15 – Reformative wellness

20:48 – The Rihanna Effect

22:00 – Cauliflower is having a moment

22:36 – Big Bush Energy

26:00 – The Well + Good Cookbook: recipes from Lea Michele, Venus Williams, Padma Lakshmi & more!


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