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As I write this I am 39-weeks pregnant and any day now my whole life will change (it sounds dramatic but it’s kind of true!). Two weeks ago, as I was winding down work, I found myself pretty overcome with fear.

> Fear of labour

> Fear of having to step away from the work I love so much

> Fear my amazing relationship with my two-year old will be ruined forever

> Fear my daughter won’t love me. She’s a Virgo. I’m a Pisces. We’re pretty much going to be total opposites according to the stars – which are always correct, right? 😉

> Fear I’ll be totally exhausted, grumpy and a shell of my former self for the next few months (this one will definitely be valid on certain days!)

> Fear I’ll never get alone time with my husband

> Did I mention fear of labour?!

Fear is uncomfortable but it’s also kind of inevitable if we want to do big things in life. It’s often a sign that we’re pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, that we’re vulnerable, or that there is a chance that something may be lost. It’s also usually a sign that something major can be gained, that we are in a position to grow or that we are one step closer to big love.  It’s important to pay attention to fear because it can keep us safe from harmful situations but it can also get triggered in situations where it’s really just holding us back from letting go, enjoying life and stepping into our greatness.

In moments of fear, we have a choice.  Focus on everything we have to lose. Or focus on everything we have to gain.

Guess where I chose to focus…

Two weeks ago my focus was on everything I could lose, everything I didn’t have control over and all the worst possible outcomes. Luckily, baby girl stayed put so I had a chance to practice what I preach to clients and start shifting my focus to harness the same energy that was generating fear into something much more powerful. I redefined what success would look like in this next chapter and went back to the basics: gratitude, positive visualizations and my breath.  I talked about it with Scott. I pulled out all my tools and managed to transform that fear into a deep trust and a lot of excitement.  I’d be lying if I said I still don’t have moments of “WTF” but I’m no longer frozen by them and they aren’t clouding my view of all the good that’s about to come.

If you’re faced with a fear right now that is holding you back from fully enjoying an experience, ask yourself these three questions;

  1. What is your fear trying to protect you from? Is what you’re afraid of life threatening?  Could it cause serious injury? Or is it just your ego at risk of being hurt?
  2. If you were to push past the fear what are all the good things that could happen for you?
  3. What would the wise,  80-year old version of yourself, tell the you here right now?

I’m excited to fully sink into #MomLife for a couple of months and then I’m looking forward to opening up a couple of spots for coaching clients this fall once our family is back in our groove.  Something I learned with my first baby is that in order for me to be the best mom I can be, I need a little time away to do the other things that really fill me up – one of which is my work. #SelfLove

If you think you might be interested in one of the very limited spots that I will be opening up for one-on-one coaching clients this October, please apply for a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Call with me below!  You can also join our Raw Facebook Tribe where I will continue to deliver weekly self love challenges and resources to help you feel your absolute best.

Baby girl and I will see you soon!



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