How To Change Limiting Beliefs with Jaycee Gossett

May 09, 2019

How To Change Limiting Beliefs with Jaycee Gossett


How To Change Limiting Beliefs with Jaycee Gossett

Meet Jaycee…

Have you ever cried in a workout class? Like not just because it hurt – well maybe because it hurt – but cried because you felt a release?  Cried because the teacher is speaking words that pass in and out of your mind every day? Those words that you thought only plague you. I’m not good enough.  I’ll never get there. I can’t. I shouldn’t. I’m not. Have you ever cried at a workout because for a moment you feel a release in your body of all the hard, painful things you’ve endured? Have you ever felt like the sweat rolling down your face was a deep, emotional cleansing? Have you ever yelled at the top of your lungs as part of your workout?

If this sounds like some form of embarrassing torture then The Class by Taryn Toomey probably isn’t for you. Or maybe it’s exactly what you need. If you’re me or thousands of others who are OBSESSED with this movement revolution then you get that this isn’t just a workout….the best way to describe it is a spiritual expansion and self love bootcamp that I can’t get enough of.

Today we have the incredible Jaycee Gossett who is a founding teacher of The Class and Director of Training and Development. Jaycee comes from an extensive background of dance, yoga, fitness and healing therapies and combines movement & emotions to create a safe space to LET IT ALL OUT. Her workouts will leave your heart pumping and your mind clear so you can get on to doing the work you were put here to do. Her presence sparks creativity and momentum anytime she is in the room.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

1:30 – The Class: a movement revolution everyone loves but finds hard to explain

5:00 – Music and the emotional body

7:00 – Why we have to stop apologizing for crying

9:35 – How to shift away from uncomfortable emotions

11:08 – Seeking change? Get uncomfortable

13:00 – Physical movement = mental movement

15:11 – How to shift negative self talk

16:40 – 3 steps to separate ourselves from our thoughts

19:14 – Creating new belief patterns through movement

21:25 – We are not our thoughts

24:05 – Jaycee on limiting beliefs

28:21 – The importance of community & belonging

30:35 – Bouncing back from rock bottom

35:31 – Jaycee’s 3 pillars of health & wellness

37:43 – How to say No without offending someone


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