Nov 02, 2021



I decided to take a month off drinking on Jan. 4th this year and I’m STILL sober (and feeling better than I ever have!)

It has been the right choice for me over and over again. I’m not sure it will be forever, but it’s definitely for right now.

I used to think I needed alcohol to be fun. Turns out I’m just as cray without it 👌🏻I love waking up without “the fear” and remembering every moment from the night before.

I used to think alcohol brought more fun/lightness etc to my life but now I realize it was actually depressing all the happy chemicals that were there and waiting.

My energy levels are more stable, my anxiety is lower, and I just feel more me.

Drinking is so so normalized in our world so shout out to anyone who it doesn’t work for in this season (or lifetime).

Life isn’t over when you don’t drink. For some of us it kind of feels like it’s just beginning ❤️

Still cheers’ing all my wine lovin’ peeps out there but just opting for something a little different in my wine glass. 

Here are some of my favorite fun healthy, non-alcoholic drinks:

🥂 Gldn Hour (collagen-infused sparkling water out of a can that helps minimizes fine lines & wrinkles, strengthens hair & nails!)

🥂 Sparkmouth Tonic with ice and a lime (and zero sugar added!)

🥂 Sparkling water with a splash of Limonata or lemonade, mint, lime, ice. 

🥂 Turmeric latte (this powerful antioxident helps reduce inflammation!)

🥂 Heineken 0.0  (great option for the beer lovers!)

🥂 TOST uses natural ingredients (and is great to celebrate any occasion!)

The key is to drink your non-alcoholic bevy from a special glass. I still drink out of a wine glass all the time to make it feel special! 🍷

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