Create the Life of Your Dreams with Erin Treloar

Jun 06, 2019

Create the Life of Your Dreams with Erin Treloar


Create the Life of Your Dreams with Erin Treloar

Create the Life of Your Dreams with Erin Treloar

About The Show…

In this episode, Erin shares what she learned from reaching her goal weight, dating a famous actor and hitting a huge target in business – SPOILER – it’s not what you expect! She shares a goal setting tool to help you identify what you really crave in life and an exercise to help you make clear decisions to get there.

If you feel stuck in a rut, unclear on where you are going or tired of hitting goals and still not finding happiness this episode is for you.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

1:50 – Goals: A foundation for structure or a recipe for burnout?

2:20 – The ultimate challenge: 6 months of no goal setting

4:19 – Identifying your Core Desired Feelings

6:45 – Why do we set goals to begin with?

7:28 – What happens when you hit a goal and realize you’re still unhappy and unfulfilled

12:30 – The arbitrary construct of money

14:04 – Establishing your Core Desired Feelings to begin your next steps in life

15:40 – How to understand feelings of accomplishment associated with accomplishing goals

17:40 – The practice of Core Desired Feelings

19:56 – How to apply the concept of Core Desired Feelings to the real world


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