A Meditation to Connect Your Habits to Your Desires

Jun 06, 2019

A Meditation to Connect Your Habits to Your Desires


A Meditation to Connect Your Habits to Your Desires

A Meditation to Connect Your Habits to Your Desires with Erin Treloar

About This Episode

What’s the key to cultivating the life we crave?  Having a clear vision of where we’d like to go and creating healthy habits that help get us there.  Mental rehearsals have been used for decades by high level athletes and performers to help create that vision and more importantly to facilitate changes to the brain that support them in getting there.

Mental rehearsals help us imagine a desirable outcome, which creates a positive chemical reaction in our brain linking the outcome to pleasure.  What’s so important about pleasure? Pleasure is what drives our habit loops. So the more we tie that outcome to pleasure the more we subconsciously make choices that lead us in the right direction.

I do mental rehearsals almost every single day.  In the shower, before I fall asleep, when I need a brain break.  They’ve changed my self esteem, the way I feel about public speaking and even my drive for exercise. Two words : Game changer.

This meditation is best enjoyed after listening to the previous episode, “Create the Life of Your Dreams“.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

0:25 – Meditation: a mental rehearsal

2:10 – How to create habits that support you in reaching your goal

3:00 – What is a habit?

4:00 – The 3 step power loop: Charles Duhigg’s ‘The Power of Habit’

6:22 – The history of mental rehearsal

7:25 – What is so important about pleasure?

8:28 – Using the 5 senses to create a strong visual

15:40 – How to understand feelings of accomplishment associated with accomplishing goals

9:44 – The meditation

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