How To Get The Ultimate Beauty Sleep with Dr. Janet Kennedy

Apr 09, 2019

How To Get The Ultimate Beauty Sleep with Dr. Janet Kennedy


The Ultimate Beauty Sleep with Dr. Janet Kennedy

Meet Dr. Janet Kennedy

Today on the show we have sleep doctor, psychologist, and author dr. Janet Kennedy here to share her wealth of knowledge on sleep.  We’ll be covering everything from how sleep changes our brain to how much you should be getting and ways to wind down.

After years of being the unofficial sleep consultant to friends, colleagues and family with a variety of child and adult sleep issues, Dr. Kennedy decided to make the leap and create NYC Sleep Doctor in 2008. She strongly believes that correcting sleep problems—for children and for adults—is critical to the physical and psychological health of the whole family.  Dr. Kennedy is dedicated to helping people substantially improve their daily lives and long-term functioning through better sleep. Using her experience as a scientist and as a practicing psychologist, along with my hands-on experience as a working mother of two, she finds solutions that work for each individual and family from her offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Her first book, The Good Sleeper: The Essential Guide to Sleep for your Baby (and You), was published by Henry Holt in January 2015. The Good Sleeper is available online, at your local bookstore, and here.





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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

1:04 – What a sleep Dr. does

3:00 – Why is sleep so important?

3:50 – What happens when we don’t get enough sleep?

7:12 – How long does it take to repair sleep debt?

8:20 – The #1 risk factor for postpartum mood and anxiety disorders

9:35 – Why do we sometimes feel energized even when we know we’re sleep deprived (i.e. when you have kids or you are doing overtime preparing for a work deadline)?

11:40 – How does caffeine effect our sleep?

13:27 – What are signs that caffeine might be effecting your sleep?

14:00 – Reasons we aren’t getting enough quality sleep

15:20 – The sleep cycle / sleep architecture

19:20 – How to improve your quality of sleep

22:34 – The breakdown on why technology and blue light effect our sleep

24:00 – Does “sleeping on it” really work?

30:00 – The logistics of sleep – how much do we need, does it all need to happen at the same time?

33:47 – Why some people have sleep anxiety

35:15 – Is being a ‘night owl’ a problem and how to shift your sleeping hours?

Audience Q&A : 

  1. Why do I feel so off after taking a nap? 
  2. Why do we dream and can we control our dreams at all? 
  3. What apps would you recommend to help with sleep?


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