Cultivating Your Deepest Desires with Danielle LaPorte

May 16, 2019

Cultivating Your Deepest Desires with Danielle LaPorte


Cultivating Your Deepest Desires with Danielle LaPorte

Meet Danielle…

Ready to shake up your world and unearth your deepest desires?  Forget your list of goals and that big ‘To Do’ list – Danielle LaPorte has bigger plans for you.  

Danielle is a writer, entrepreneur, mother, poet, author and professional speaker among many other things.  Her book, The Desire Map, has sold over 200,000 copies in English alone and has a massively successful day planner program, workshop and coaching division. Thanks to 500+ facilitators, a Desire Map workshop happens every week somewhere in the world.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

2:20 – Embracing the concept of letting go of goals

3:28 – Why are we so obsessed with setting goals to begin with?

4:38 – The power of presence

7:27 – What is The Desire Map?

9:15 – Identifying your 5 Core Desired Feelings

12:44 – How to apply your Core Desired Feelings to both real life and business values

16:42 – Cultivating intentional creation to create the life you want

19:03 – How to consciously choose your feelings

20:40 – Learning how to sit in the shit with gratitude

23:11 – The science behind the energy of the heart vs the energy of the brain

25:30 – Balancing our 3 brains: gut, heart & brain

28:00 – Join Danielle LaPorte for a FREE e-course to uncover your core desired feelings between May 20-30th! Register HERE.


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