Climbing Back from Rock Bottom with Sasha Exeter

Oct 07, 2021

Climbing Back from Rock Bottom with Sasha Exeter


Climbing Back from Rock Bottom with Sasha Exeter

As a former elite athlete turned brand marketer with a global reach, Sasha Exeter is making an impact on the world around her by raising her voice to stand for what matters most…

…no matter how difficult.

Sasha has overcome not one, but two chronic illnesses through a holistic approach of diet and exercise, and has created her personal brand Sasha Exeter upon it. 🏋️‍♀️

Having partnerships with brands that range from Joe Fresh to BMW , and becoming the national face of Joe Fresh Active, Sasha’s building a platform to inspire and motivate people around the world to create a positive change in both individuals and the people they’ve chosen to surround themselves with. ☀️

In this episode, we’re getting real and talking about: 

💕 A story of a lifetime (this one will pull your heartstrings)  💓

💕 The importance of using your voice (and the impact of using hers) ✊🏾

💕 How she thrives as a single mom (and thoughts on co-parenting) 

💕 Social media struggles (and how she overcame them) 

💕 The ONE thing she wants the women of today to always remember!

Ready to dive in!?



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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

0:00 – A Raw intro
3:10 – Sasha and her daughter – an intro!
4:15 – Sasha’s background
5:30 – The BLM movement – leading by example
8:00 – Using your voice as a woman in today’s world
12:15 – My newest obsession for anxiety – BEARABY
14:30 – Tools Sasha leans on to show up and fill up her cup (even though this doesn’t come easy)
21:00 – Can women really do it all? Finding balance today.
23:00 – Sound baths – Sasha’s experience with this method of self-care
24:30 – The Raw Beauty Reset
27:00 – What made Sasha quit her 9-5 career – her diagnosis with a rare kidney disease
29:00 – Hitting rock bottom
31:00 – Climbing back from rock bottom – how Sasha’s wellness journey changed her life
32:00 – The three self-care items Sasha would bring to a desserted island

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