Why Our Struggle with Body Image is Real AF with Dr. Hillary McBride

Aug 22, 2019

Why Our Struggle with Body Image is Real AF with Dr. Hillary McBride


Why Our Struggle with Body Image is Real AF with Dr. Hillary McBride


In one of our favourite episodes to date, Dr. Hillary McBride shares her wealth of knowledge on the world of body image, helping us understand how we got here and how we end the cycle.¬† We talk about finding our own sense of self worth, the comparison game, why we consume media we know we shouldn’t and¬†how parents can help raise kids with healthy body image.¬†

Dr. Hillary McBride is a registered clinical counsellor in private practice in Vancouver and PhD candidate in Counselling Psychology at UBC. When she is not doing clinical work she is researching, speaking, and writing. Her areas of clinical and research specialty focus on the intersection of spirituality and mental health, embodiment, eating disorders, body image.

Hillary’s work has been recognized by both the American and Canadian Psychological Associations, and she was recently awarded the International Young Investigator Award for her research contributions so early in her career. In 2017, she published her first book with Post Hill Press – Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image: Learning to Love Ourselves as We Are.

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

3:55 – Why we are struggling with body image and the tripartite model of influence.

4:40 – The construction of the ideal body.

5:48 – The existential question that drives our obsession with body image.

6:50 –¬†Tools¬†to overcome body image concerns.

8:45 – Why we consume media that we know is bad for us (i.e. Kardashians and US Weekly).

11:46 – The benefits of choosing mindful activities over mindless activities.

15:10 – Scientific-evidence supports the benefits of this simple exercise…

16:49 – The evolution of the “perfect” body in media: From rail thin to¬†curves galore.

19:44 – The comparison game : What’s normal and what’s not.

21:30 – A tool¬†from Brene Brown.¬†“The story I’m telling myself is…”

24:19 – Finding a sense of self worth in today’s world.

28:50 РWhy is self love so important?

37:00 – How our relation to the beauty ideal impacts our confidence. It’s not what you think…

38:55 – The anxiety of aging.

41:27 – How parents can cultivate positive body image in their kids.

48:27 – A cool podcast you should check out…


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