A Mash-up of the Best Moments of 2019

Dec 19, 2019

A Mash-up of the Best Moments of 2019


A Mash-up of the Best Moments of 2019

The Moments That Make up 2019


In this episode we’re taking a moment to reflect on some of the most powerful moments¬†on the podcast in 2019.¬† We’re taking a journey through the¬†valleys,¬†climb and peaks of some of our most inspiring guests so that no matter what your year looked like you¬†are reminded that you are not alone and it only takes one step in the right direction to create a life you are proud of.¬†

You’ll hear clips from Angi Greene, Jessamyn Stanley, Arielle Estoria, Sarah Landry, Melissa Ambrosini, Gabby Reece & Megan-Rose amongst others. Pour yourself a mug of tea or a glass of wine and celebrate all that was and all that can be!


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THE SHIFT – A 12-week online program to end the battle with food & your body. Get all the details here.

Create the Life of Your Dreams podcast episode on defining your Core Desired Feelings.  Listen here. 

Jessamyn Stanley full episode.

Arielle Estoria full episode.

Melissa Ambrosini full episode.

Gabby Reece full episode. 

Sarah Landry full episode.

Angi Greene full episode.

Megan-Rose full episode.


SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…


0:33 – Reflecting on 2019 with Erin

3:45 – The Shift : 12-week program to end the battle with food & your body

8:42 – Truth bomb! Erin discusses Raw’s financials

12:30 – The mountain range of life ; Valleys, Peaks & ‘the climb’

14:05 –¬†Guests reflect on the hardest moments in their life

14:45 – Sarah Landry on struggling to let go of the diet mentality

16:37 – Angi Greene on losing her father at the age of 11

17:56 – Megan-Rose on feeling lost in her career and in life

21:15 РDanielle Maltby on losing her fiancé in a drug overdose

22:23 РGuests reflect on the tools they used to move out of the difficult

23:40 – Gabby Reece on finding motivation

27:15 – Jessamyn Stanley on being your own hype squad

30:50 РAngi Greene on comparing up and down

31:15 – Kylie McBeath on showing up authentically

34:28 – Words of motivation to take you into 2020

35:30 – Angi Greene on her #1 tool for success

42:40 – Sunny Lenarduzzi on embracing failure

44:12 РMelissa Ambrossini on creating relationships that thrive

49:33 – Sarah Landry on showing up fully


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