Being worthy in ALL sizes with Hunter McGrady

Nov 11, 2021

Being worthy in ALL sizes with Hunter McGrady


Being worthy in ALL sizes with Hunter McGrady

Imagine losing a sibling in an accident and then giving birth to your first baby a month later 😲

That is what happened to Hunter McGrady…

She was the first plus size woman to appear on the cover of a bridal magazine, the curviest model to appear in Sports Illustrated, and one of the first curvy models to walk New York Fashion Week runways in 2017. 

…but this past year, Hunter lost her younger brother in an accident and a month later gave birth to her first baby (a boy! 💙). She reveals what it was like living in the season that encapsulated the ultimate grief right alongside the ultimate joy. 

In this episode we’re also talking about what it took to: 

💕 Break boundaries of what type of body can be seen in media, 

💕 Launch her own clothing line All Worthy with QVC. (This line ranges from an extra extra small to a 5x). 

💕 Go from being a size two model to a size 20 model. 

💕 Make it in the world of modeling and fashion.

From Sports Illustrated to sweet mama, Hunter is getting raw and real with us.

Ready to dive in?!



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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

0:00 – My newest breath-work & meditation app obsession – OPEN
1:50 – A Raw Intro
2:40 – Check-up from the neck-up with Erin
3:30 – Erin’s sober journey
9:00 – Introduction to Hunter
11:00 – Shameless Pets
15:00- Hunter’s Story
16:30 – Hunter’s breaking moment
20:00 – Hunter’s relationship with food & her body
24:00 – Raising our little boys in this convo around body love
30:00 – Olay’s Cyber Monday deal
32:00 – Knowing we are enough as we are
35:00 – Hunter’s recent loss and working through her grief with a new born
40:00 – Hunter’s daily rituals that help her stay sane
42:00 – Hunter’s words of wisdom around loss

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