Being A Breath of Fresh Air with Self Love Expert Mary Jelkovsky

Apr 08, 2021

Being A Breath of Fresh Air with Self Love Expert Mary Jelkovsky


Being A Breath of Fresh Air with Self Love Expert Mary Jelkovsky

Meet Mary…

Published author, TEDx speaker, retreat host and self-love superstar, Mary battled an eating disorder for 7 years before finding recovery and a passion for self-love. She takes us behind the highlight reel of bikini competitions and the ‘perfect body’ and shares how she came to host self-love retreats, offer online programs and guide others through their self-love and confidence journeys. If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air within the wellness space, press play!! 

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

3:30 – Behind the highlight reel of being ‘pretty, smart + thin’

10:00 – The importance of educating our educators: words matters

15:00 – Mary guides us through the process of revisiting something triggering 

18:45 –  How Mary and Erin overcome their limiting beliefs

25:40 – Mary reflects on her journey with bulimia 

30:00 – A breath of fresh air: how to show up as your authentic self

36:25 – When your livelihood is tied to your appearance: how to keep your identity out of it

39:00 – Mary talks us through her journey to healing

43:30 – Determining your ‘no matter what’s’ (aka non-negotiables)

46:00 – Understanding your patterns and recognizing when to slow the f*** down

49:30 – What self-love means to Mary

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