Behind-the-Highlight Reel of Building Your Dream with Quigley

Mar 12, 2020

Behind-the-Highlight Reel of Building Your Dream with Quigley


Behind-the-Highlight Reel of Building Your Dream with Quigley

Meet Quigley…

In this episode Erin goes behind-the-highlight reel of the wildly creative wonder who is Quigley.  The girls chat about perfectionism, social media burnout, what it takes to build Insta-fame & being publicly criticized by Simon Cowell…yes THE Simon Cowell!

Before you tune into this episode head on over to @OfficiallyQuigley for an explosion of vibrant and exciting visual narratives that will inspire your own creativity (yes, even yours – girl who thinks she’s not creative!).  Whether in her backyard with her dog, dressed in a ball gown in a castle, bare-faced and crying or working some creative genius with her husband Jack, Quigley isn’t afraid to let us see all her angles.

Tune in as she peels back the curtains on what it has taken to build her dream.

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Follow Quigley on Instagram – @officiallyquigley

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Quigley’s SOUL forward online class for Content Creators – @thesoulcialmedia

Quigley on American Idol 

SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

2:30 – Her best accessory – that smile!

3:47 – There’s no such thing as ‘fake’ on social media.  It’s all an expression of someones truth.

6:06 – The passion project that turned into a business

6:45 – Finding your identity on social media

8:05 – Her social media wake-up call – from burn out to re-inspired

11:30 – Creativity = stealing from your favourite artists

12:48 – The magic of vulnerability

15:15 – Behind-the-scenes of creating Quigley’s content

21:57 – Judgement can’t touch her

24:02 – Being criticized by Simon Cowell as an American Idol contestant

24:55 – Bouncing back and finding courage again after a career low

28:40 – Regaining your power over perfectionism

31:33 – Signs perfectionism is no longer serving you

33:19 – The secret to success : patience

35:53 – Quigley’s first Instagram photo – let’s just say everyone starts somewhere!

37:45 – What clothes and beauty mean to Quigley

39:40 – Some of her favourite sustainable fashion brands

40:43 – Quigley’s definition of self love

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