Ashley Wray on Imposter Syndrome & Wellness When You’re Hustlin’

Jan 23, 2020

Ashley Wray on Imposter Syndrome & Wellness When You’re Hustlin’


Ashley Wray on Imposter Syndrome & Wellness When You’re Hustlin’

Meet Ashley

Crush it in your career, live with confidence, do all the self care and don’t forget to smile! Women are balancing more than ever before between career, personal life, health & happiness.  Ashley Wray is the founder and CEO of wildly successful Mala Collective and in this episode she gets real about what wellness looks like when you’re also hustlin’.

Ashley runs the biz, designs their beautiful collection of mala beads, crystal kits, and meditation cushions.  She travels frequently working with artisans in Asia (from Bali to India to Nepal) to create products supporting a mindfulness and meditation practice.

Since starting Mala Collective in 2011, Ashley has taught meditation across North America, taken meditation trainings from LA to NY to India and Bali. 

Grab a coffee and join us as we discuss the intersection of entrepreneurship and wellness.  We dive into everything from limiting beliefs, to her exact wellness routine to an annual gift she gives herself (this is crazy btw!) and her intention to welcome love into her life in 2020.  

You are NOT going to want to miss this juicy conversation!





Mala Collective – dive in
I Am Enough Meditation Collection – Get it here. 
@MalaCollective’s Instagram (don’t forget to slide into Ashley’s DM’s to give her some love!)

SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

0:30 – Meet Ashley Wray, Founder of Mala Collective

3:00 – The inspiration & serendipitous moment that led to the launch of Mala Collective

6:00 – The hard work and trust that is required to “get lucky”

7:32 – The shift from “Side Hustle” to full time entrepreneur.  How do you know when it’s time to go all in?

10:30 – Battling limiting beliefs to chase her dreams

12:00 – Bridging the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be.

15:30 – The power of acknowledgment

19:10 – Roadblocks on the journey to building a business; Self doubt, leadership and financial triggers

23:50 – Ashley’s wellness routine as a meditation & yoga teacher x entrepreneur

27:17 – Even health & wellness professionals don’t have a perfect routine. Let yours be messy too

28:30 – The wild gift Ashley gives herself every year

32:33 – Ashley’s definition of self love

35:06 – TOOL : Creating a gratitude practice to support positive psychology

36:00 – Intentions for 2020 // hint: matchmakers get readyyyyy

41:00 – What is your message to women of the world?

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