Activate the Science of Happiness with Hiroko Demichelis

Oct 08, 2020

Activate the Science of Happiness with Hiroko Demichelis


Activate the Science of Happiness with Hiroko Demichelis


Meet Hiroko…

Born in Italy, Hiroko is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and neurofeedback and biofeedback expert who is the founder of Canada’s only accredited meditation course. Her passion for meal wealth and supporting psychological function and healing lead her away from a career in fashion (hello, Prada) to two Masters degrees in both Clinical and Positive Psychology. You’ll want to take notes – we’re talking happiness, David Beckham, how to achieve resiliency and more in this weeks ep. Press play!

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Breathe: The Wim Hof method

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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

1:12 – From Prada to…Psychologist! 

4:00 – David Beckham, mental game and privilege

6:30 – What is a ‘normal’ amount of happy? (especially in 2020)

12:00 – Reminder: resiliency is a work in progress 

15:15 – Hiro guides us through a soft (scientific) moment of resiliency 

19:40 – Fight/Flight or Rest/Digest?

23:45 – What’s really going on in our bodies when we’re feeling happiness + joy (hint: it’s all about the vagus nerve)

26:39 –  Everything is impermanent (including dopamine) – how to let it ebb and flow

34:30 – Hiro’s top 3 tips for building resiliency + mindfulness

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